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Where Do We Go Now?

In a rural Lebanese village, a Christian church and a Muslim mosque sit side by side. This unusual good-neighbor policy is the result of the village's womenfolk, who have intentionally hoodwinked the local men into thinking they're not supposed to hate one another. Newspapers are carefully censored and any time a news report about religious strife pops up on the town's only TV set, it's loudly shouted down. That works fine until the church's cross is accidentally damaged, touching off both crusade and jihad. Writer-director-star Nadine Labaki has concocted a wry, thoughtful, stylish satire along the lines of The Mouse That Roared. Unfortunately, the film isn't very realistic, blaming it all on overactive testosterone rather than religious dogma and surrendering to melodramatic tragedy in the end. In Lebanese with English subtitles. 110 minutes PG-13.