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The Believer

This fiercely controversial film seems rather unlikely, but is actually based on a true story. The film introduces us to Danny Balint, an Orthodox Jew who grew up to become a neo-Nazi punk. Actor Ryan Gosling (the only good part of Murder by Numbers) does a scary and phenomenal job with this tough role. (He won Best Actor at the Independent Spirit Awards.) The paradox of a neo-Nazi Jew is neatly explained in the film's insightful linking of anti-Semitism with self-loathing. After nabbing the Grand Jury Prize at last year's Sundance Film Festival, no distributor would touch this hot potato. It was supposedto premiere on Showtime, but was yanked from cable in the wake of September 11. Now, you finally get a chance to see it. Not an easy film, but a powerful one with a knockout central performace. 100 minutes