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Full Frontal

Director Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's 11) crafts a spiritual follow-up to his early indie hit sex, lies and videotape. Julia Roberts and Blair Underwood star as a couple actors starring in a movie. As the movie (about a reporter interviewing a hot young actor) unfolds before our eyes, we also see the people behind the movie: a morose screenwriter (David Hyde Pierce), his middle-age crazy wife (Catherine Keener), his massage therapist sister-in-law (Mary McCormack) and his sexually unfulfilled writing partner (Enrico Colantoni). The "movie within a movie" premise is nothing new, but Soderbergh twists it into a loopy Möbius strip look at Hollywood. Like a hall of mirrors endlessly reflecting itself, the film's countless in-jokes, improv acting and circuitous storytelling require some serious deciphering. Still, the end result is a pleasingly puzzling mixture of drama, comedy and media angst. 101 minutes