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Collecting Rooftops

In case you missed the premiere in April, here's your second chance to see and support this great, locally produced film. The film, co-directed by Albuquerque boys Billy Garberina and Rob Keller, was shot on location at the sadly defunct Lobo Theater in Nob Hill. The story concerns a trio of college-age roommates—two of whom work at a run-down movie theater, one of whom is competing for the title of Slobbiest Man on Earth. This loosely structured romantic comedy recalls, in bits and pieces, Richard Linklater's Slacker and Kevin Smith's Clerks. The local flavor and genuine love of movies, however, gives Collecting Rooftops a beat all its own. The film boasts a consistent string of laugh-out-loud moments (a cameo by Godzilla could be the funniest gag I've seen all year), and writer/director Garberina turns in a memorable performance as the film's insincere Lothario.