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Blue Exorcist: The Movie

The popular Japanese anime series gets a stand-alone movie spin-off. Our animated hero is half-blood spawn of Satan Rin Okumura, who spends his time at True Cross Academy learning the skills of a professional exorcist. In this world, besieged as it is by extradimensional demons, that particular job involves a lot of flying around and using samurai swords. When the magical barriers protecting their school from supernatual incursion fail, Rin and his twin brother find themselves babysitting a tiny demon kid. Turns out the little hellspawn is considerably nicer than his kin--all of whom seem to want him back at any cost. Fans of crazy supernatural action will appreciate this mash-up of Harry Potter, "Fullmetal Alchemist" and 30 years' worth of heavy metal album covers. 88 minutes Unrated.