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Warm Water Under a Red Bridge

From Japanese master filmmaker Shohei Imamura (The Pornographers, Insect Woman, The Eel) comes another of his patented probes of modern Japanese life. In this odd romantic drama/comedy, an out-of-work Japanese salaryman living on the streets of Tokyo makes a pledge to a dying compatriot to seek out a valuable golden treasure hidden in a seaside cottage decades ago. Our hero travels to the rural town and locates the alleged hiding place, now populated by a senile old fortune teller and her attractive young granddaughter. Despite the fact that he's already married, our hero begins a passionate affair with the young woman, who possesses a certain sexual talent, which I'm not even sure can be discussed in a paper of this lowly caliber. (Let's just say that our old friend Stephanie Evans, the Human SuperSoaker, would be jealous.) More comic than erotic, this ribald tale stretches its unusual conceit out a bit too long, but remains one of the most offbeat and oddly satisfying overseas offerings this year. In Japanese with English subtitles. 119 minutes