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The title character of this Academy Award-nominated Norwegian comedy is completely nuts. Still, the prudish, misanthropic would-be poet Elling is an endearing screen creation--endearing not in a sappy "crazy people are secretly wise" Hollywood way, but in a refreshing "the world is a screwed up place anyway" manner. Based on the novel by Ingvar Ambjørnsen, the film tells the story of Elling, a 40-year-old agoraphobia who is deemed "cured" and kicked out of a state-run psychiatric hospital along with his hulking, sex-obsessed roommate Kjell Bjarne. The two are set up in a halfway house, assigned a case worker and told to "live a normal life." Of course, such a simple dictate proves all but impossible for our insane odd couple. Lighthearted, hilarious and altogether charming, this entertaining Euro-offering is already slated for a big-budget Hollywood remake. Catch it now before the sap is freely inserted. In Norwegian with English subtitles. 89 minutes