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Alan Rudolph's films aren't always the most digestable fare (Choose Me, Trouble in Mind, Afterglow, Breakfast of Champions). Glum, slow-paced and slathered with movie genre in-jokes, Rudolph spends much of his time preaching to the art house converted. His films, however, always contain some flashes of brilliance. Those watching Trixie will have to dig very deep to find them, however. Emily Watson, Dermot Mulroney, Nick Nolte and Nathan Lane star in this self-described "screwball noir." Watson (doing her worst "Bowery Boys" imitation) is a low-rent security guard who lands a job at a lakeside casino and finds herself embroiled in a political murder mystery. A handful of viewers may admire Rudolph's off-beat style, but most will find it self-indulgent and unsuccesful as either comedy or mystery. 117 minutes