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Greg Kinnear (As Good As It Gets) takes a major career turn, tackling the thorny role of sitcom star Robert Crane. Crane rose to fame as the title character in the unlikely '60s sitcom "Hogan's Heroes." After the show ended, Crane all but disappeared, capturing headlines only in the late '70s when he turned up dead, beaten to death with a camera tripod. Writer-director Paul Schrader (scripter of such gutter pulp as Taxi Driver, Hardcore and American Gigolo) dives headfirst into Crane's secret world of sexual addiction, swingin' orgies and homemade pornography. Kinnear plays the smiling sex addict as a perfectly ordinary Joe with an unusual hobby. Schrader, meanwhile, is interested in Crane's fleeting fame and toxic friendship with home video enthusiast John "Carpy" Carpenter (the creeptacular Willem Dafoe). The choppy, episodic script doesn't dig deep enough to explain Crane's obsessions, but the fine acting makes up for it. 107 minutes