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“Well, it still beats working at Chipotle.”

The 33

Back in 2010 a bunch of Chilean miners got trapped underground for more than two months. Their epic rescue played out on evening newscasts around the world. Here, then, is the fictionalized version of what happened. Basically they sat around in the dark and hoped they didn't die. It's inspiring as a tale of survival, but it's not particularly dramatic. Some of the actors (Antonio Banderas, notably) try hard. But the decision to shoot it in English with an international cast is ... odd. Gabriel Byrne wins the Weirdest Accent Award for his half-Spanish, half-Irish brogue. FULL REVIEW: Real-life drama about trapped miners can’t dig itself out of “inspirational biopic” trap by Devin D. O’Leary (11/12/2015). 127 minutes PG-13.