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The Brothers Grimsby

Odds are if you're not British, you have no idea what Grimsby is or what's so inherently hysterical about it. (It's an impoverished industrial seaport in Lincolnshire and the butt of many English jokes.) Even if you're a big fan of writer/star Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat, Brüno, The Dictator), you may find it hard to dredge laughs from this gross-out, lowbrow comedy. Cohen plays a white trash bloke from Grimsby who smokes, drinks, steals, does drugs, has 11 kids out of wedlock and lives off of government assistance (because poor people are the worst). He also happens to have a long-lost brother (Mark Strong) who's an international superspy—so at some point, the film turns into a bullet-riddled James Bond spoof. (Like we need another one of those.) Mostly, though, it's just jokes about penises, AIDS, wieners, fellatio, genitalia, seminal fluid and erect male members. 83 minutes R.