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The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby

In this oddly conceived CGI toon from DreamWorks Animation, a suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying infant (voiced by Alec Baldwin) is assigned by Baby Corp. to infiltrate the household of prepubescent Tim (Miles Christopher Bakshi) in order to spy on his parents. Seems Mom and Dad work for Puppy Co., and the company's evil CEO has a secret plot to replace people's love for babies with a love for puppies, and ... Seriously, this film makes very little sense. If the idea of Alec Baldwin saying "Cookies are for closers!" sends you into paroxysms of laughter, this is the film for you. FULL REVIEW: Weirdly conceived kiddy cartoon bogs down in confusing mythology by Devin D. O’Leary (3/30/2017). 97 minutes PG.