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It Comes At Night

This grimly apocalyptic drama sheds gory horror for a lethal dose of paranoia and xenophobia. Writer-director Trey Edward Shults last gave us the ultra-indie, aged hippie dramedy Krisha—which basically starred his friends and family. He goes in a very different direction here, offering slow-burning tension and ambiguous dread. A husband (Joel Edgerton, Animal Kingdom), his wife (Carmen Ejogo, Selma) and their teenage son are hiding out at an isolated home in the woods, shotguns and gas masks at the ready. Apparently (we can only assume) the world has been devastated by some kind of viral zombie plague. But when a young family shows up on their doorstep begging for help, our protagonists' self-centered resolve is tested. This small-cast, single-set thriller is minimalist, but absorbing. It's also the "feel bad" story of the year. 97 minutes R.