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Open Hearts

From Denmark comes this shattering drama filmed under the infamous "Dogme 95" ethos (a filmmaker's "Vow of Chastity" allowing no artificial light, no props, no special effects, no constructed sets, no genre conventions of any sort). Susanne Bier's raw, realistic film follows a woman (Dogme fave Paprika Steen) and her fiancee, who get involved in a tragic auto accident. He ends up paralyzed. She winds up befriending the husband (a doctor) of the woman who struck them. As her fiancee descends into a world of anger and self-pity, she finds herself more and more attracted to the married doctor. Despite its soap opera set-up and uneasy morality, the film makes a straight-shooting argument for the power of love—even under the most inopportune conditions. In Danish with English subtitles. 113 minutes