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Dia de la Bestia (Day of the Beast)

This crazed horror comedy comes to us from Spanish cult director Alex de la Iglesia (a former assistant to Pedro Almodóvar, which probably explains a few things). In it, a frantic priest tries to hunt down the Antichrist and prevent Doomsday. But how does one find the Evil Spawn? Why, by asking Satan himself. But how does one meet Satan? Why, by becoming the greatest sinner in the world. But how does one become the top sinner? Why, with the help of a nutty TV psychic and a stoned-out heavy metal fan. A mix of seat-gripping horror and slapstick comedy makes this one pure midnight movie material. Amazingly enough, this devilishly dark film won 6 Goya Awards (the Spanish equivalent of the Oscars). In Spanish with English subtitles. Note: As an Easter weekend bonus, ticketbuyers can fight the power of Satan with a free, fruit-flavored cross-shaped sucker (while supplies last). 99 minutes