Alibi V.14 No.29 • July 21-27, 2005 

The Dish

All the News That's Fit to Eat

Julie Huffman

The Dish is back and open for business! Listen up, chowhounds—restaurant gossip is a dish that's best served sizzlin' hot, but we just can't do it without your help. Here's a refresher on All the News That's Fit to Eat: If you know some interesting tidbit about food, chefs or restaurants in Albuquerque, spill the beans! We want to hear about the newly opened or closed restaurants and cool food finds in your area. Likewise, it's your gastronomic duty to let us know if you don't see your favorite spots listed in our Chowtown section. Log on to for our complete, searchable database of restaurant listings. When you're done poking around, send your food tips to (You could send them to, but that e-mail address attracts more spam than a Hawaiian barbecue. I say play it safe and send stuff directly to me.) If e-mail's not your thing, call me at 346-0660 ext. 260, or fax over your favorite menu at 256-9651. People with the juiciest tips will be rewarded with gift certificates and other awesome Alibi booty. We hungrily await your responses.

Movin' on up—to the East Side. You might remember Fremont's Fine Foods from an article we ran back in March of 2004. In an interview with owner Aimee Tang, we chronicled the specialty shop's generations-long history in Albuquerque, from its 1918 inception at Central and Sixth Street to its current holdings deep in the North Valley. Actually, better make that former holdings. This past month the Fremont's crew relocated to the Courtyard (Lomas and San Mateo), in the space that used to house Gordon Schutte's La Piazza. The shop is coming up on its 88th birthday, and thanks to the move it's looking better than ever. The space is big and breezy with 25-foot ceilings, marble floors and one huge window that looks out onto cascading green vegetation. Picture the Mesozoic atrium of the New Mexico Natural History Museum, but with food instead of aquariums. There are gleaming bakers racks packed with imported dry goods from all over God's creation. You'll also find hot and hard-to-find designer lines like The Girl and the Fig and Apple Canyon. Don't overlook the small refrigerated section, either. That's where our production manager found sausage from his neighborhood butcher shop—in Chicago. The shop stocks almost entirely on customer demand, so call 792-DINE (3463) to request your favorite Old World specialties. Or just stop by for lunch sometime. They're open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.