Alibi V.15 No.11 • March 16-22, 2006 

The Dish

All the News That's Fit to Eat

Greetings, fellow foodies. I'm filling in for the beautiful, talented and much adored Laura Marrich while she's in South America. (Yes, I would like a raise.) Here are the latest culinary happenings in our fair city.

Keep Your Meat to Yourself—March 20 is the Great American Meatout, just in time for spring. The world's largest grassroots diet education campaign will take place with events, lectures and information disbursement in all 50 states. Huh? No meat? Yep. Supporters can follow their veggie-esque brothers and sisters in abstaining from flesh foods while simultaneously getting the lowdown on how to kick out the steaks and load up on the fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This year's theme is alternative fast foods, so demonstrations outside of fast food venues are encouraged. Heck, if you choose to sample out Boca Burgers outside a local KFC, P.E.T.A. will send you free literature to distribute. For more information on how to join the festivities, check out

Porking in Rio Rancho—The 2nd annual Pork & Brew is scheduled for March 18-19, and after the success of last year's oinky shindig, this year's should be a real barn-burner. Fifty competitors are expected, up from 33 last year, and a hogpile of vendors. The carnivorous carnival atmosphere will be bolstered by an 80-foot banana split provided by Dairy Queen and the Ham Bone Pig Races, with a $2 spoon fee to dive in. And then there's the highlight of the event, the barbeque sampling. They ran out of meat last year, but hopefully there will be a few extra slabs of piggy on the ol' barbie this time around. Be prepared to shell out $2 for parking, be aware that Loma Colorado Blvd. will be blocked off. Head on over to get your snout saucy.

Get a Hot Pita at 3 a.m.—Late-night UNM goers, you now have a healthy option for the midnight munchies. The Pita Pit, an Ontario-based chain, just opened up March 3 at 2601 Central, replacing the old “Pig and Calf” laundromat with a 20-plus pita sandwich menu and a modest dining room. To top it off, they're open until 3 a.m. and they deliver—until 3 a.m. Give them a call at 242-PITA and welcome them to the neighborhood while you order a fat souvlaki pita with extra tzatziki sauce.

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