Alibi V.25 No.29 • July 21-27, 2016 

Food News

Dinner With Pikachu

The Golden Crown Panaderia Neighborhood Bakery (1103 Mountain NW ) hosted a Pokémon event last Thursday. Urban Hotdog Company (10250 Cottonwood Park NW #400 ) hosted one on Tuesday. Get this: they bought some “lures” to attract Pokémon to the restaurant, and that in turn attracted “Pokémon Go” players. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.

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Wish Granted

So, the New Mexico Farmers Marketing Associaton's website will apparently tell you what produce is in season, what sales to look for in any given month and where to find those great farmer's markets all over the state. It's like some kind of health-conscious genie.

They Don't Have Feelings

For some reason, it seems that reviling the poor, underrated tuna salad is an inherent trait in human beings. It's tricky, for sure, but nailing down a good tuna salad means a quick and easy lunch or dinner without turning on the dreaded oven. Here's a wonderful recipe to help you tame the chicken of the sea.

Outrage Equals Dollars

Paisano's (1935 Eubank NE) Italian restaurant is blowing up my Twitter feed after they put up a sign saying, “Black olives matter, try our tapenade.” Cue: social media storm. Surprisingly, they somehow got more business out of the deal. Hiyo!

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GMO Labeling a Reality

Congress sent legislation to President Obama on Thursday that would require most food packages to carry a label, symbol or smartphone code that indicates whether genetically modified ingredients were used. The Agriculture Department would have two years to write the rules. The White House says Obama will sign the bill.

Food Truck Insurance Established

Farmers Insurance is now offering the first food truck insurance plan. There will be no more philosophical discussions to be had in the boardroom as to whether food trucks are restaurants or automobiles.