Alibi V.26 No.47 • Nov 23-29, 2017 

Weekly Specials

Weird, Wondrous and Tasty

Atlas Obscura, the online collection of strange and inspiring places, has just launched a food section called Gastro Obscura. If you’re already as much of a fan of the mystery- and adventure-based travel site as I am, you’ll likely fall in love with the food stories they’ve been posting in the new section, including articles about an Icelandic rye bread that’s cooked in subterranean hot springs and a Vietnamese egg coffee that was invented during a dairy shortage. You can access the Gastro Obscura database and learn about strange foods the world over at

Laguna Burger Finds a Home in 505

Laguna Burger has been a New Mexico favorite spot for a green chile cheeseburger for quite a while, but they’ve never had a location in central Albuquerque. The closest location up ‘til now has been in Laguna, which is approximately a million miles west on I-40, or their outpost at 66 Pit Stop. Well, they’re finally opening their first location within the city limits, right across the street from the Indian Cultural Center at 12th Street and Menaul. Their tentative open date is for sometime in November.

Thanksgiving at the Pueblo

Listen, Thanksgiving is weird. Some folks celebrate it with their families by having huge, day-long feasts, and some folks don’t. Your reasons for doing or not doing so are likely either deeply personal or deeply cultural. Whichever category you fit into, you’ll be glad to know that the Pueblo Harvest Cafe will not only be open, but will be serving a special Thanksgiving feast on Thanksgiving Day (that’s Thursday, Nov. 23) from 10am to 6pm. Come by to get your fill of red chile buttermilk biscuits with green chile gravy, sweet potato mash and an array of entrées hot off the carving station. Bring your family, or find one there to adopt you for the day.

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Afternoon Tea at Marie’s

If you need a little time to decompress after the holidays, come have a cup of tea at Marie’s Teas. They’ll be having a special afternoon tea from noon to 2:30pm on Sunday, Nov. 26, where you can sample any number of exotic brews and learn about the processes of growing, harvesting, making and consuming teas from growers and tea experts in the store. At this event, George Jaw of the Las Vegas Tea Club will teach all about the Gongfu Chinese Tea Ceremony. Come by to learn or just to purchase some delicious single-origin teas.

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