Alibi V.12 No.50 • Dec 11-17, 2003 

Food Article

If you're really hungry for culinary aptitude, you might consider enrolling in TVI's Culinary Arts program. Sure, you could run off to a fancy big-name school like the CIA, but since TVI's program is nationally accredited by the same institution (the American Culinary Foundation, or ACF), you'd be getting a top-notch education here at home for about $30,000 less. Work weekdays? TVI offers nighttime, weekend and online courses to boot. The associate's degree program covers professional cooking, baking and pastry, sanitation, nutrition, equipment use, human relations, supervisory skills, dining room skills, business practices and more. You can complete it as a full-time student in four terms (about a year and a half). If that seems like a lot to put on your plate, go for a professional cooking or baking and pastry certificate—it's like getting half the degree in half the time.