Alibi V.13 No.37 • Sept 9-15, 2004 

Cool Stuff

Gourmet Grub for Tightwads at Trader Joe's

Photos by Stacey Adams

Last month Trader Joe's, the California-based discount gourmet food retailer, opened its first New Mexico location on the corner of St. Francis and Cordova in Santa Fe. The small store is chock-full of gourmet produce, cheeses, meats, wines and frozen prepared foods—much of it organic. The place is a foodie's convenience store of dreams. Check it out on your next visit to the Capital. Open from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Call (505) 995-8145 for more information.

1) Three Buck Chuck. Trader Joe's exclusive cheap red wine used to cost only two bucks but it's still a steal at three. You wouldn't pair it with filet mignon but it is certainly drinkable.

2) Look for chunks of white, dark and milk Ghirardelli chocolate on the shelves above the freezer cases. The milk and dark cost only $3.49 per pound; the white runs $4.49 per pound. During the holidays, expect to find full 20-pound bars for around $20.

3) Golden raspberries are a rare and special treat—they usually cost a fortune, if and when you can find them. At Trader Joe's, a half pint can be yours for $2.49.

4) Baby artichokes are peeled and then sautéed to delectable tenderness. At only $1.99, how can you resist experimenting with something new?