Feb 5 - 11, 2009 

Ask Chef Boy Ari

By Chef Boy Ari

Q: I’m interested in raising hens for the eggs, but we have a tiny backyard. Does two or three sound like a good number? Also, will the eggs hatch if we let them? And what’s the best way to procure chickens?

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Flaky Iowa chicken pot pie ($9.50) is a comfort.
Sergio Salvador salvadorphoto.com

Restaurant Review

Cast Iron Café

You can always go home, but you don’t have to

By Maren Tarro

Home-style cooking is romanticized in our culture. Images of perfectly roasted meatsnever ceasing to give off wafts of salty steamand creamy mashed potatoes spring to mind at the invoking of “mom’s home-cooking.” But this image is ersatz, as real as the Parkay used in the potatoes. It’s not how your mom cooked; it's how she would have cooked if she had the money, time and skill. And maybe if she had loved you a little more.

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