Jul 14 - 20, 2011 
Hearty Flavors From a Handful of Seeds

Mina's Dish

Hearty Flavors From a Handful of Seeds

Cooking with whole grains

By Mina Yamashita

I came late to whole grainsbeing brought up eating white rice at every meal. With the possible exception of rolled oats, most of the grains I encountered were hulled, bleached, sweetened and renutritionized before they hit my plate.

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Pratt Morales opened Golden Crown Panadería 35 years ago.
Sergio Salvador salvadorphoto.com


Golden Crown

Adobe carb laboratory gets grow room

By Ari LeVaux
The most local salads in town might come from a bakery. An indoor growing operationlights, fans, reflectors and of course plantswas germinated in the west end of Golden Crown Panadería last April. For the counter staff, it's almost too local for comfort, as the expanding tangle of greens, tomatoes and peppers is growing into their workspace. If you order one of the appropriately named “huge” salads, they find the scissors and start snipping. They also make one of the best loaves of green chile bread on the planet.
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