Alibi V.26 No.34 • Aug 24-30, 2017 

Food for Thought

Greetings from the New Alibi Food & Drink Editor

We want your stories and your tasty food

A girl and her burrito: A love story
A girl and her burrito: A love story
Robin Babb

If you pick up the Weekly Alibi with any regularity, you may have seen my name at the top of a few columns of text. I’ve been writing for the Alibi as a freelancer since the fall of 2015, jumping from section to section based on the editorial staff’s needs and my own whims. In that time, I’ve gotten to learn a lot about Albuquerque and its people, and I’ve written some things that have — hopefully — informed or entertained you.

For instance, I wrote about Virgil Ortiz’s Cochiti-culture-inspired exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum last year, and about a state bill concerning solitary confinement in February. I loved writing those stories in particular, because for each I got to speak with a passionate person who helps make New Mexico the interesting, diverse, enchanting place that it is.

Now, I’m excited to continue those conversations in a different role: I’ll be taking over as Food & Drink Editor at the Alibi. Please, hold your applause until the end.

This new role means, of course, that I’m looking for your food and drink stories. Are you opening a new restaurant in Albuquerque? Do you whip up a mean chile relleno or a modern take on an Old Fashioned? I want to know about it. I’m especially interested in stories about sustainable agriculture, food scarcity, Native American cuisine and food traditions, craft distilleries and breweries, and vegetarian/vegan food. Stories that tie in with a social or political issue are a big plus.

But the bottom line is: If you’re excited about the food you make, then, chances are, you’ll be able to get me excited about it too.

I believe that all good writing, no matter its angle, is really about people and their relationships. Food writing doubly falls under this maxim, because if there’s one thing that equalizes and brings us all together, it’s that we all gotta eat. With that in mind, I look forward to telling the stories of the fantastic food of New Mexico, and — more importantly — the fantastic people who make it.

If you have a story that you think belongs in the Alibi food section, drop me a line at

I’ll see you at the dinner table. -Robin Babb