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 Mar 18 - 24, 2010 
When people hear about nurses serving in war, they probably picture a woman in white tending to wounded soldiers on the battlefield. Modern American military nursing, however, goes beyond providing comfort to our uniformed service people. One New Mexico nurse discusses her experience in Iraq.
A dusty office space on the University of New Mexico campus could soon get a splash of rainbow colors as two students have secured funding for a Queer Resource Center.
Carefully avoiding the loaded term “unplugged,” the latest in a six-year-old series originally known as The Acoustic Showcase takes place at Low Spirits this weekend.
If you need a reminder that there’s more to Juárez than disheartening headlines, look no further than El Sabor de Juarez. The sunny little place on Gibson near Carlisle serves Juárez-style Mexican food under the care of owner Jesus Mata Sr. and his son Marcos.
When the very term “reality” seems to be dictated entirely by drunken Hollywood debutantes and rich housewives, it’s something of a relief to see an actual documentary film hitting movie theaters. And if one film is a relief, then the Burning Fuse Film Festival—a touring collection of a half-dozen until-now undistributed documentaries—is a quenching deluge of authenticity.
Seven years into the Iraq War, and more than eight since the invasion of Afghanistan, the one thing that has become inarguably clear is how much we did not know. Not just about WMDs and yellowcake uranium, but about tactics. This is part of the premise of Lorraine Adams' The Room and the Chair, a novel that follows the players of the modern global war on terror.

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