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Weekly Alibi
 Sep 16 - 22, 2010 
Amid a spate of officer-involved shootings in Albuquerque this year, citizens are forming groups to observe and record police activity.
City Council tackles undisclosed swipe fees, electronic billboards and gray areas in the law against driving while talking on a cell phone.
Websclusive: The Police Trainer
An interview with APD's director of training about de-escalation, officer-involved shootings and handling onlookers.
Websclusive: Justice for the Mesa Women
Demonstrators are calling for APD to resume digging and for more advertising of a $100,000 reward.
The Center For Grooviness invites local and international musicians to play adventurous music ... and maybe perform some surya namaskara poses.
Iraqi eatery Babylon Café makes up for what it lacks in service with food that's exotic, consistently good and bargain-priced.
The Town is a spot-on, Boston-baked crime drama starring and masterminded by Ben Affleck. Wha?
Mother Road Theater Company takes on a whale of a tale in a Julian Rad-adapted, Hilary Adams-directed production of the American classic Moby Dick.

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