Alibi Bucks

Weekly Alibi
 Oct 13 - 19, 2011 
It's been 10 years since the war in Afghanistan began, making it the longest war in American history. See the names of those killed in action.
Following the Oct. 4 municipal elections, the Albuquerque City Council is comprised of the same faces, this week tackling the electronic sign ordinance, red light cameras and the city's legal fees.
They may not have smoke and mirrors, but Albuquerque’s A Hawk & A Hacksaw, Minneapolis’ Dark Dark Dark, and Chicago’s Pillars and Tongues do have an unusual collection of instruments, two vans and the ability to reshape time.
Despite overwhelming support for labeling foods that contain genetically modified organisms, and the fact that it's done in more than 50 other nations, the FDA denies Americans the right to know what we're eating. But that may soon change.
Attorney and producer-director Susan Saladoff discusses Hot Coffee—a documentary about an infamous lawsuit against McDonald’s and how it was manipulated to promote limitations on consumers’ ability to sue corporations.
A show at New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery features avian subjects as muse and protagonist depicted via multilayered gravure plates.

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