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 Feb 23 - 29, 2012 
The 84th annual Academy Awards take place this Sunday—here's your guide to the ceremony with a complete list of nominees and a rundown of this year's surprises and letdowns.
Rio Rancho’s waste is being wasted. The same is true for most cities, which treat their sewage well enough to be used for gray water purposes but then send it downriver. Due to the plight of the desert and a rapidly growing population, Rio Rancho no longer wants to send off its sewage—they want to put it back into the aquifer.
MC Gift of Gab, of Bay Area duo Blackalicious, talks about categories, solo careers and his next album.
Liberace’s sticky buns. That’s Frank DeCaro’s favorite recipe in his freshly published Dead Celebrity Cookbook, and the reason has nothing to do with taste—although DeCaro says the packaged crescent rolls doused in rum, butter and enough seasoning to spice a pumpkin pie are dangerously delicious.
Given the continuing success of vocal talent competitions like “American Idol” and “The Voice," Americans are obviously obsessed with people who can carry a tune. So far, though, Hollywood hasn’t been able to translate that into anything other than “let’s all vote on America’s next pop star.” Is NBC's "Smash" anything different?
Albuquerque's inaugural Southwest Irish Theater Festival appears in town this weekend.

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