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 Apr 26 - May 2, 2012 
In a time when the substance of old-school hip-hop storytelling has been replaced with materialism, MC Lakota Jonez is the real deal, spreading hip-hop’s gospel with her low-toned, staccato delivery.
Debbie Coburn's nonprofit Four Corners Equine Rescue, which takes in horses from any sort of "perilous situation," experienced a sudden surge in growth following a New York Times expose on the ills of horse racing, particularly in New Mexico.
Now in its fifth year, Gathering of Nations Pow Wow spin-off event Rock the 9 Native Music Festival includes three nights of guitar-powered rock and roll, showcasing bands from all over the continent.
Now seems like a good time to point out how easy it is to grind your own burger in the food processor. Grill season is starting, pink slime is everywhere and, for once, wouldn't it be nice to have a burger that isn't basically mystery meat?
The Five-Year Engagement has the benefit of a solid cast and a credible bunch of people behind the camera, but it’s still a lazy cut-and-paste job, combining elements of every nuptial-based rom-com that came before it.
The flyer for Josh Jones' Injunuity art show depicts a head-dressed Native American cartoon character gleefully gassing an undersized hotrod beneath the tagline "Start your Injuns!" A throwback to the comically bizarre work of Ed Roth and R. Crumb, the illustration is indicative of the unhinged spirit of the event Jones has been assembling for four years during Gathering of Nations.

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