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Weekly Alibi
 Jun 21 - 27, 2012 
The Alibi travels back in time to revisit a 1999 interview with the late, great sci-fi author Ray Bradbury.
Nursing homes can mean the loss of familiar comforts, routines, social connections and independence. So why was a plan to help increase the number of people moving into independent living situations axed by the state without warning?
Felix y los Gatos makes gritty, low-down, bottom-of-the-bottle blues and rock and roll that mixes the flavors of South Louisiana and the South Valley.
Despite its hip, candy-coated veneer, Tía Betty Blue’s offers serious food that's simple but thoughtful, and different—as in blue corn waffle boat with fruit and lavender whipped cream different.
Disney and Pixar have stamped their names on a project that plays to the strengths of both companies—the glorious family fantasy Brave.
Acclaimed, 88-year-old Western writer and Duke City dweller Max Evans talks about famous friendships, growing up in Lea County and how nobody cares about cowboys.

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