Alibi Bucks

Weekly Alibi
 Aug 9 - 15, 2012 
With the rise of unfettered political groups in our state and country, we got to wondering where the unlimited amounts of election cash is coming from. In the first installment of this series, New Mexico’s top PACs in the 2012 elections are explored.
Websclusive: Top 10 National Super PACs
As part of our PAC Manual, we've dug through the country's big political money.
In the popular telling, Delta blues musicians were tragic figures, singing out for personal solace. Though romantic, this story ignores the spirit of the bluesman himself, and the commercial and technological advances of the early 1900s.
Letting food sit at room temperature and become colonized by airborne microorganisms runs counter to everything we're taught about food safety. But without this guided decomposition that we call fermentation there would be no bread, cheese, tequila or kimchee.
The husband-and-wife duo behind Little Miss Sunshine have returned with a follow-up film, the magical-realist romance Ruby Sparks. The Alibi chatted with them about the long road beginning in music videos to their second feature film.
The guy who invented Rhapsody is now a novelist. His first book, Year Zero, concerns aliens who’ve stumbled upon Earth music, an event that causes their civilization to come to a complete halt because they’re so hooked.

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