Alibi Bucks

Weekly Alibi
 Aug 16 - 22, 2012 
We’re commemorating our thousandth issue with a retrospective guide to getting by in Albuquerque. Culled from two decades' worth of invaluable insights found in past Survival Guides, these are our favorite crash courses on Burque
Once again, we’re in the middle of two sad American cycles: senseless, lethal violence and the slew of specious arguments that inevitably follow, flying hither and yon like, well, bullets that never quite hit the mark.
In the spring primary election season, state political action committees spent nearly $4 million. It’s only reasonable to expect that the funding game will intensify during the looming general election.
In the popular telling, Delta blues musicians were tragic figures, singing out for personal solace. Though romantic, this story ignores the spirit of the bluesman himself, and the commercial and technological advances of the early 1900s.
Deep inside the Alibi vaults we uncovered images of some of the bands that inhabited Burque in the '90s.
Albuquerque meat abstainers can now chow down at Loving Vegan. The restaurant, owned by Sushi King, has recently tossed its hat into the serving of wannabe animal proteins—wannabe fish, specifically.
Canadian director Panos Cosmatos digs three decades deep for his first writing-directing effort, the brain-twisting, eye-bending, ’80s-inspired, horror/sci-fi head trip Beyond the Black Rainbow.
The 18th International Symposium on Electronic Art is set to draw a worldwide audience to Albuquerque next month. And in a style true to our scrappy dirt city, a loose collective of locals wants to be sure that the full diversity of homegrown creative work doesn’t get left out of the conversation.

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