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Weekly Alibi
 Aug 23 - 29, 2012 
In 2010 PACs emerged as a major force in elections. There’s no limit on what they can spend to get a candidate elected. During the primaries, super PACs blew more on candidates than the major campaigns did. But what’s bigger than big? Nonprofits.
Imprisoned Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot is reminding us of something we have to relearn every decade or so: It's OK to be about something. And it's OK to mean it. These convictions are as crucial artistically as they are politically.
The Philippines' dynamic influences combined with ingredients available in a tropical paradise, has resulted is a cuisine as complex as the jungle, as colorful as a coral reef and full of surprises. Find them at Filipino Kitchen in Upper Nob Hill here in Albuquerque.
Canada's Academy Award nominee Monsieur Lazhar is a quiet, unadorned live-and-learn drama set in a public middle school in Montreal.
New Mexico has made the perfect setting for plenty of great stories, but when writing about New Mexico, it's easy to overdo it. Case in point: Jo-Ann Mapson's latest effort, Finding Casey.

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