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Event Horizon

Cold Snap

Monday, Feb 27: International Polar Bear Day

Learn more about polar bears while watching feedings, listening to enrichment and zookeeper talks.

The Daily Word in Antivenom, Chinese Robocops and Bee Sports

The Daily Word

So British physicist Brian Cox says that if ghosts were real, we would have seen evidence of them through the Large Hadron Collider. Here's a Gizmodo article with legitimate criticism of Cox's comments (I still don't think I believe in ghosts, though).

A boy in Australia was saved by the largest dose of antivenom ever administered after he was bitten by a funnel web spider.

Whoa! Mars is developing rings from its moons!

Some scientists taught some bumblebees to roll a ball. Not only does it say something about their ability to learn complex tasks, it also looks awesome.

Here we go: The Chinese have built a robotic police officer. I think I've seen this movie.

NASA announced the discovery of seven earth-sized planets only 40 lightyears away. At least three seem to be able to sustain life!

Courtesy of the Artist

Event Horizon

Feb. 23-March 1

[ Sat Feb 25 2017 12:15 AM ]

Buoyant and Rambling

At some point during the progression of meta-ultra-postmodernism, it was only natural that a band covering Rat Pack tunes revisioned as rambling ska paeans or blisteringly buoyant punk anthems based on the imbibing and love-making habits of dudes like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin would rise from the rocanrol cauldron. Well it's 2017 and such has indeed come to pass. The name of the band is Franks & Deans. They've succeeded by inflecting the sweepingly romantic, sometimes melancholy and nearly always self-referential ditties of these post-war, pre-rock vocal heroes with good-natured rhythms and danceable guitar leads—as well as an updated fashion sense that seems to borrow more from ZZ Top's summer style guide than from Robin and the 7 Hoods—that adds affable nuance to legendary, mid-century American popular music. Band members Rob DeTie, Mike "Pip" Ullemeyer, Hoss and Sampson await your indulgence at Low Spirits on Thursday, Feb. 23, and the admission price of $5 sure as heck beats dropping “Three Coins in the Fountain.” (August March)


Ever wonder what it would be like to tour Willy Wonka's factory? I imagine it's a little like Explora's Science of Beer night on Friday, Feb. 24. Maybe after the beer tasting, you'll suddenly be lifted off the ground. Or maybe you'll just be tipsy. Either way, it's guaranteed to be a good time. For this 21 and over event, you get free run of the whole museum plus beer-related experiments and Marble Brewery tastings. Move over Charlie Bucket, there's a new sheriff in town. Just beware of the chocolate river and stick to the bubble table, and you should make it out in one piece. Tickets are $8 for Explora members, $10 for non-members. (Taylor Grabowsky)

A Heavenly Pleasure

Leading experts in the fields of Catholic theology, philosophy and ethics are interviewed for the documentary The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics—which attempts to root out the truth behind the Catholic hierarchy's opposition to contraception, abortion, and other reproductive and sexual health issues beginning at 6pm. A free screening of the film will be shown at Harwood Art Center, sponsored by Catholics for Choice, ACLU of New Mexico and the NM Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, will be followed by a discussion. (Devin D. O'Leary)

Party Like it's the End of the World

It's still pre-Lent and pre-apocalypse, so get your party outfit on and head over to Aliento: Carnaval 2017 this Friday, Feb. 24, and Saturday, Feb. 25, beginning at 7:30pm. The National Hispanic Cultural Center's Albuquerque Journal Theatre will be transformed into a television dance show of the past with musical acts from PANdemonium and the Odara Dance Ensemble. Celebrate and partake in the Carnival traditions of Cuba, Trinidad, Brazil and New Orleans. Unlike prior performances, the audience will be able to participate and join the show. Tickets only cost $17-$27, and are likely to sell out by the day of the show so get 'em while they're hot! Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Megan Reneau)

Event Horizon

Kung Fu Buddhists

Friday, Feb 24: Shaolin Warriors: The Legend Continues

Zen Buddhist monks from the Shaolin Temple give a world-class performance of martial arts.

Event Horizon

Good for the Sole

Friday, Feb 24: Ars Longa: Vita Brevis

Vanguard choreography in flamenco and contemporary dance by international guest artists and UNM's distinguished resident faculty.

The Daily Word in Basic Human Decency, Winning Big and Space is Neat

The Daily Word

Seven Earth-sized planets discovered all orbiting the same star, so how soon can we move?

Trans rights are human rights. Now if someone could remind the Trump administration.

Refugees came here to escape terror. Now local refugees are worried about their safety here. Be nice to people, come on.

Harrison Ford maybe should stop piloting airplanes.

You can't sit with us. Richard Spencer denied entrance to CPAC.

One person in Indiana probably called in sick today, after hitting the jackpot and winning $435 million in the powerball. What would you even do with all that dinero?

Watch a live stream of police in riot gear in the Standing Rock camp. Police began moving protesters out of the camp yesterday.

Event Horizon

Party Like it's the End of the World

Friday, Feb 24: Aliento: Carnaval 2017

[ Thu Feb 23 2017 12:00 PM ]
The musical group PANdemonium takes participants on a journey through the Carnaval traditions of Cuba, Trinidad, Brazil and New Orleans.

Event Horizon


Friday, Feb 24: Science of Beer

Get your beer geek on with demos, talks and fun experiments.

Event Horizon

A Heavenly Pleasure

Friday, Feb 24: The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics

A film about Catholic social teaching on issues related to sex and sexuality and features interviews with leading experts in the fields of Catholic theology, philosophy and ethics.
Franks and Deans
Courtesy of the Artist

Event Horizon

Buoyant and Rambling

Thursday, Feb 23: Franks & Deans • punk rock, rock 'n' roll • Shrewd • Punctured Muffler • Silent Crush • metal


Tomorrow's Events

Motown The Musical at Popejoy Hall

Follow the story of Motown founder Berry Gordy’s journey from featherweight boxer to the heavyweight music mogul who launched the careers of Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and more.

Deafheaven • black metal • This Will Destroy You • Emma Ruth Rundle at Sister

Fondue Night Out at The Melting Pot

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