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The Daily Word with Out of Control Ravers, White Watermelon Seeds and Drunk Cops

The Daily Word

We're almost out of time for this debt deal.

Apple has more cash on hand than the US government.

Albuquerque firefighters vote no confidence in Chief James Breen.

Former President Bush finally explains his deer in the headlights reaction to 9/11 news.

Cop towing DARE trailer ironically charged with DWI.

Out of control ravers shut down Hollywood.

What's the deal with white watermelon seeds?

The 17 greatest celebrity photobombs.

Olivia Wilde did a fake nude scene. DAMN YOU SCIENCE!

Ten weird museums.

What's the point of having friends if you can't be mean to them?

I'm going to make this marbled coconut bread tomorrow If you guys want to come over and hang out.

Did three British boys time travel to medieval England?

Happy Birthday Captain Lou Albano!!!

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Lame-as-F@#k Congress

A clip from last night’s “Daily Show with John Stewart”

This monolog about Republicans’ latest shenanigans was particularly funny and infuriating ...

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The Daily Word 09.08.10: 4chan Crashes A Birthday Party, Superuseless Superpowers, Jumping The Shark

The Daily Word

NM Secretary of State fired two employees after they met with federal investigators.

President Obama opposes an extension of the Bush tax cuts.

Body found in Albuquerque park.

Arizona Republican runs "street people" as Green Party candidates.

Unemployment may rise to 10 percent.

Mark David Chapman denied parole.

California newspaper is upset that a city council member likes to play Mafia Wars.

Three year-old tests positive for meth, stay classy Albuquerque!

I wish I could visit the Soviet arcade game museum.

Comedian Robert Schimmel was killed in a car accident this weekend.

French newspaper runs a tasteless September 11th ad.

Rodney King marries a juror from his 1991 trial.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley announced he is ending his 21-year run as mayor.

Missing reporter uses his captor's cell phone to tweet his location.

The guy who wrote the Jump The Shark episode of Happy Days is unhappy with the phrase Jump The Shark.

Does your weird uncle speak Teabonics?

4chan users crash a 90 year-old's birthday party.

Diet soda probably makes you fat.

Old Navy's size 36 pants are actually for 41-inch waists!?!

Vegetarian's won't be buying the new issue of Vogue.

What is your superuseless superpower?

Bacon soda.

Hubble Space Telescope catches cool image of pre-planetary nebula.

Exactly how degrading is it to sell Jell-O shots?

Science figures out the sexiest dance moves, with science!

Consumer reports rates the best and worst fast-food burgers.

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The Daily Word 02.10.10: Snow, Earthquake, 9/11

The Daily Word

It's still snowing in Washington DC.

An earthquake hit Chicago last night.

ABC News has uncovered some never before seen 9/11 pictures.

An Albuquerque newspaper carrier found a body in the street this morning.

Nerds rejoice! Portions of the upcoming Thor movie will be shot in Santa Fe.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs made fun of Sarah Palin.

These screw-in coffins are pretty cool.

What types of cheeses should you buy your lover this weekend?

Last night was the last night of the Jay Leno Show.

The captain from the Deadliest Catch died.

Lost your job? Maybe you could be a professional gamer.

Turns out too much TV can kill you. Also, being bored can kill you. So good luck with that.

Hugh Hefner is being sued for wrecking Playboy.