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The Daily Word in New Mexico land, a general's court-martial and ninjas

CNM's getting a Downtown location, y'all.

Albuquerque is getting a “Living Cities” grant, which will help with Downtown revitalization, low-income residents and community improvement.

President Obama's budget proposal could result in more access to New Mexico public lands.

Three more accusers have come forward against Rusty Glanton, a tumbling coach who was accused of “criminal sexual contact of a minor” in January.

The court-martial is underway for a US general accused of sexually assault.

A transgender woman was told by CrossFit that she couldn't compete in the women's strength competition. Now she's suing them.

Brig. Gen. Peggy C. Combs is the first woman to take command of Fort Knox. Not bad.

An abortion clinic in McAllen, Texas closed its doors yesterday due to new state restrictions. The law is expected to be “fully implemented” in September, which will leave only six clinics in the state of Texas.

Wait … there's actual employment for ninjas? With no experience required? Guess I'm moving to Japan.

    V.23 No.10 | 3/6/2014

    Week in Sloth

    Take a quick trip around the television dial to see what’s worth wasting your life on—”Believe,” “Saint George,” “Cosmos” and more.

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    The Daily Word in a not-so-dead guy, an epic b-ball shot and Vermont's heroin

    President Barack Obama sheds light on the problems of young minorities in America.

    A federal appeals court ruled that it wasn't unconstitutional to ask students to remove shirts with the American flag during a Cinco de Mayo celebration in 2010 at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill.

    You ever watch a movie on Netflix and fall asleep in the middle? And when you wake up, you can't remember where you left off? It looks like some engineers found a solution.

    Wanna know what Jaws was like? Some researchers got the scoop

    “I was shocked at the depth of addiction here,” James W. Baker, former director of the Vermont State Police, said in regards to Vermont's current heroin “epidemic.”

    Just in case you missed the basketball game, watch an Eldorado High School girl score the winning shot from 70 feet away, with only 1.7 seconds on the clock. It's pretty awesome.

    A state auditor claims that the Human Services Department cost New Mexico millions of dollars by mismanaging funds.

    Albuquerque police are looking for a woman that is stealing from the elderly.

    To the Lobo fan who threw a cup at an opposing player at a basketball game … they're coming for you.

    A man who was pronounced dead woke up later in a body bag in the morgue … reminds me of that movie Death Becomes Her.

      V.23 No.9 | 2/27/2014

      Week in Sloth

      We take a spin around the TV dial to see what’s worth wasting your life on. Besides the Oscars, we mean.

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      Personal Mythology

      At the City of Gold

      My brother visited Albuquerque. The weather was rough as hell coming out of Chicago. He was late on account of that. I eyed the airplane he was riding on from a computer, then from my backyard when it came close. It swooped down into the Sunport about midnight. Light was coming out the windows.

      For three days we rode around in a beat-up old Saab or else sat around watching movies on cable teevee. All sorts of music drifted through the car and Hamlet came on late Friday. We laughed about cigarette lighters and arrowheads. Saturday, we got into an argument but settled our shit over a couple of Allsup's burritos.

      Sunday morning raced right up to us. Before he grabbed a hold of another metal bird, the sort that would loft him through the atmosphere and drop him gently back in the wintry midsection of America, he told me how he wanted to drive up to the Northeast Heights and walk around the City of Gold.

      The City of Gold is where we went to high school. If you look it up, the place really is named after a mythical and golden joint where folks generally went about their lives in splendor and glory. I put in six clams worth of gas and we went up there.

      Well, the mountains began to loom and the houses nestled in their shadows had magnificent trees and lawns. It was mournful quiet on the streets except for a lonesome crow, here or there, pecking at roadkill. We passed a fellow waiting on the bus at Wyoming and Menaul. I was sure he was asleep because of the way his hands were dangling at his side.

      El Dorado was only sorta empty, like the wan smiles you might see on closing day at the state fair. A church meeting was going on in the theater. A loudspeaker propped open the cafeteria door. There were about seven dudes shooting baskets in the gym. An old tire was wrapped around the flagpole where some kids had pulled a prank thirty years before.

      My brother and I walked to the north end of campus, a place where students had a thing called the freak wall. It used to be where all the outsiders, all the misfits, gathered to smoke, stare at the sun, and show off their long hair. Now it was just a strip of concrete. The paint was peeling off and it was lined with garbage cans.

      On the south end of the City of Gold, the jock wall was not much better. Officials concerned with architectural integrity had posted "No Skateboarding" signs on just about every goddamned adjacent surface imaginable.

      All of that was enough of a drink to fill us both to the brim. My brother took off ahead of me, running toward the parking lot while shouting lines from his favorite poems. I took one more look back then high-tailed it too. When we were both buckled in, he rolled down the window and spit on the ground. I revved the engine, cursed under my breath and threw the damn thing into reverse.


        Alibi Midnight Movie Madness en Español: Memory of the Dead

        Play Youtube Video

        The Sin Fronteras Festival is running Friday and Saturday at Guild Cinema in Nob Hill. There, you can catch an incredible collection of seven feature films (documentaries, dramas, comedies, thrillers and more) from south of the border—all of them free and open to the public. In addition to the regular lineup, Alibi Midnight Movie Madness has teamed up with the organizers of Sin Fronteras to bring in a special Spanish-language selection this weekend. From Argentina, it’s the supernatural shocker Memoria del Muerte (Memory of the Dead). The film screens Friday and Saturday night at 11pm, after the regular festival. Tickets are $8 general admission or $6 students. Check out the trailer. It’s subtitled!

        More Videos


          The Daily Word in Detroit's bankruptcy, racism at Ole Miss and a Twix obsession

          President Obama is meeting with the Dalai Lama today. And China ain't happy about it.

          A court will hear several groups' petitions for appeal regarding Detroit's eligibility to file for bankruptcy protection.

          Someone wants to split Cali into six parts...

          Racism is still brewing at Ole Miss.

          A murder suspect was found living and working in an Albuquerque motel. Do I hear discount?

          A stabbing in northwest Albuquerque sent three people to the hospital, and police think they have all the suspects in custody.

          Brandon Villalobos' lawyer says that his lack of mental capacity could be a key component in his defense. Villalobos is accused of killing 12-year-old Alex Madrid.

          Now, I love a good Twix. But this is dedication.

            V.23 No.8 | 2/20/2014
            Reies López Tijerina
            Jakob Schiller

            Crib Notes

            Crib Notes: Feb. 20, 2014

            Test your comprehension and retention of last week’s New Mexico news with our pop quiz.

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            Week in Sloth

            We take a spin around the TV dial to see what’s worth wasting your life on. This week: karaoke tv, vaguely titillating stuff and a Nick Hornby novel goes series.

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            The Daily Word in Viagra for horses, unpaid premiums and flavored condoms

            It looks like Google Doodle brought out the big guns for Valentine's Day … oh yeah, it's Valentine's Day.

            Joel McHale has been chosen to host the White House Correspondents dinner. It might get a little “Soup”-y.

            Oscar Pistorius is “consumed by sorrow” over the fatal shooting of his girlfriend.

            Word to the wise: If you don't pay your premiums, you don't keep your insurance.

            A former teacher is accused of phoning in a bomb threat to the school he used to work at. Where do they find these people?

            The mayor will announce the new police chief some time this morning.

            So wait … does Viagra help horses run faster? So where should I place my bets? But let's keep this on the hush-hush, know what I'm saying?

            Just in case you're getting flavored condoms for tonight …

              V.23 No.7 | 2/13/2014

              Week in Sloth

              A quick trip around the television dial to see what’s worth wasting your life on

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              The Daily Word in a fired canine, a big state error and Jay Leno

              It's official! Jay Leno is out, and Jimmy Fallon is in! Well … on Feb. 17, he'll be in.

              According to an Oregon State University study, Chinook salmon use Earth's magnetic field to navigate where their ancestral feeding grounds are located.

              The Sochi Olympics 2014 are underway, and you can read live tweets and get links to footage here … or pretty much anywhere on the interwebz.

              Melvin Morse faces charges of assault and endangerment for apparently waterboarding his 12-year-old stepdaughter as well as pouring vomit over her head, stuffing food in her mouth and denying her toilet breaks.

              Rio Rancho resident Angelique Iradella was denied a renewal of her nurse's assistant license, was turned down for three jobs and had an instance of abuse on her public nursing record, all due to a state error.

              Mt. Taylor is a “traditional cultural property.”

              New “Omaree's Law” bill would require the state to take custody of children showing injuries of abuse and would require parents to go through counseling before getting their kids back.

              A former WWII colonel and Albuquerque resident still has two paintings he confiscated from Nazi Germany.

              Poor little police pooch got fired for being lazy on the job. Sorry Fred.

                V.23 No.6 | 2/6/2014
                Io Sono Li (Shun Li and the Poet)
                Andrea Segre

                Film Festival Preview

                Fest Hypes Italian Film and Culture

                Cinema served with spaghetti, dolci and bocce

                The Italian Film & Culture Festival returns from hiatus for its seventh iteration with a revamped schedule and heightened cultural emphasis.

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                Alibi Sex Survey

                The Second Annual Alibi Sex Survey

                Everything we wanted to know about sex in Burque ...

                And we weren’t afraid to ask. From ex politics to hottest-ever sex, Alibi readers empowered us with more sex positive-insight than you can shake a cat o' nine tails at—including sex toy preferences, sexiest staff, secret turn-ons and sexiest experience. Oh Burque, you’re so sexy.

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                Alibi Sex Survey

                Hot on the Heels of Lust

                Sexiest experiences, the ex factor, masturbation and talking dirty

                Sensual pinnacle

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