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Stop It!

Lets hope the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster stoppage lasts, but, according to the Telegraph, "oil stopped flowing into the water at 2:25pm local time after engineers gradually reduced the amount of crude escaping through the last of three valves in the 75-ton cap." That information was relayed to media through BP Vice President Kent Wells.

You can watch video of under the ocean at Deepwater Horizon Response's website and the New York Times has this really depressing interactive map of the effects.

The current cap is, apparently, not a permanent fix but it's better than the millions of barrels of oil that have already oozed into the ocean.

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Not Just for Gingerbread Men

Those surly, protesting Brits are at it again. This time at the British Museum.

At what? Protesting BP's support of the arts. And no, before you get all worked up, they like art, in fact, they like it so much that when pouring molasses (which looks like oil--get it?) in protest the culprits are careful not to damage any art.

Shocking that the land that spawned Banksy would come up with such a creative way to say "F*off Giant Corporation!"

V.19 No.27 | 7/8/2010


BP Offshore Oil Strike: The Game

A British toy museum has unearthed an obscure British Petroleum-themed board game from the early 1970s. The game, which has players drilling for oil in the North Sea, was recently donated to House on the Hill Toy Museum in Stanstead, Essex. Needless to say, it has become a must-see hit at the tourist attraction. Among the “Hazard” cards players in the game might face: “Blow-out! Rig damaged. Oil slick clean-up costs. Pay $1 million.” Though the game seems eerily prescient now, it was a little off on its financial estimates. On Monday, BP announced it has spent $3.12 billion cleaning up its oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Check out the original article here.

Fiona Banner, Every Word Unmade A-L (Neon Alphabet), 2007, studio shot.


Molassesed Marauders

All week I’ve been thinking about the protests a few days ago at the Tate Britain. See, everyone’s favorite oil gushing giant, BP, gives loads of money to the arts every year and some Londoners used a fancy party to protest the company.

Here, according to the Guardian newspaper, is what went down: Eight protesters, heads covered, walked toward the museum carrying black buckets carrying the BP logo. They then dumped the contents, molasses, onto the steps. The original sticky substance throwers were joined by other protesters, who feathered the molasses with plumage from their pockets.

What’s so interesting about this, to me, is not that protesters are upset with BP, whose every actions are being scrutinized right now, but with how disjointed protest movements around the globe seem to be.

Environmentalists protest the oil giant’s support of the arts rather than spending every dollar (or pound in this case) they have cleaning up the catastrophic disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, which due to the Gulf Stream will reach the coast of England in the fall. Inside, the party marked the opening of a show by British artist Fiona Banner, whose work examines the war machine (both literally, by exhibiting decommissioned fighter planes, and figuratively, through transcriptions of war films). Banner’s art is itself a protest, though one very different in execution and audience, than the one that disrupted her opening.

V.19 No.24 | 6/17/2010


The Daily Word 06.10.10: BP, Operation Rescue, free baby

The Daily Word

A motorcyclist died at Central and Carlisle last night.

Susana Martinez rolled out an ad that blames Denish for a sex crime.

BP’s years of neglect.

There’s cell-phone video of the teen smuggler who was killed by a border patrol agent.

Operation Rescue, a strident anti-abortion group from Kansas, is setting up camp here.

Iran vows to pursue its nuclear program.

Five justices side with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce two-thirds of the time.

Arlington National Cemetary managers are fired.

Free baby ad was a hoax.

The most disgusting toys of the ’80s.

World’s oldest shoe.

Can a runner beat a horse?

Lady Gaga’s new video is very 1990.

V.19 No.20 | 5/20/2010


Question for BP About the Gulf Oil Geyser: WTF?!?

Like most of the world, I follow news of the Gulf oil geyser with horror. It could already be many times worse than the Exxon Valdez spill of 1989, the most notorious example of man’s inhumanity to the Earth—until now. That ominous warning of 10.8 million gallons of crude oil in the Prince William Sound was not enough to ensure inspections of BP’offshore drill or demand a contingency plan in the event of disaster.

Some questions: Why haven’t they simply capped the well?

How does calculating the exact flow of oil detract from the response effort?

Why isn’t BP allowing reporters to document the oil washing up on the beach in Louisiana?

And finally, why the hell does BP have a say in any of this anymore?

V.19 No.18 | 5/6/2010
The Daily Word


The Daily Word 5.4.10: Times Square Car Bomb, Tasered Phillies Fan, Starbucks Sued

The suspect who planted a car bomb near Times Square in NYC says he acted alone.

The suspected was nabbed on a Dubai-bound plane.

While you’re in New York, stop at Cafe Grumpy for a $12 cup of coffee not made by Starbucks.

A 17-year-old Philadelphia Phillies fan tasered after running on to the field.

McDonald’s Coffee Mishap 2.0: Starbucks sued over burn-causing hot tea. Gasp!

Riders of the Mumbo Jumbo rollercoaster in Flamingo Land get stuck upside down for 20 minutes.

An Ohio man facing foreclosure locks himself in his home.

Nashville is flooded as rain and thunderstorms move across the southeast.

BP proposes to drop a four story metal container in the Gulf of Mexico to stop the oil leak.

Albuquerque City Council is questioning the cost effectiveness of APD’s take-home squad cars.