V.20 No.8 | 2/24/2011


This Week's News & Opinion: Traffic woes as business slows, the film industry staring contest

Pick your poison, lead-foots: Chokers? Barricades? Speed humps?

Traffic: Shops near Yale falter, but construction marches on

Don’t Blink: New Mexico can’t flinch in the film contest

Odds & Ends: Baby Facebook, TV show host fugitive, rectum storage, Thin Mint throwdown, don’t forget the ammo

Letters: Gross Guild-goers, Miss D is awesome, we got your sources right here, GM food is just fine

V.20 No.2 | 1/13/2011
Kenneth Ellis III served in the Army. His father says members of his unit called him Cowboy.
Courtesy of Kenneth Ellis Sr.


This Week's News & Opinion: Challenging PTSD policies, adios guv Bill, ABQ's homelessness plan

In the wake of her brother's death, a veteran's sister works to beef up crisis intervention training for law enforcement officers.

Ortiz y Pino: Adios, Big Bill

First, a Roof: The city’s plan to combat homelessness

Odds & Ends: Malaysian demon wife, Zionist spy vulture, saved from suicide by trash, lazy drive-thru robber.

Letters: The Arizona shooting, S.O.S. from Lead/Coal, R.I.P. Dr. Baum

V.19 No.52 | 12/30/2010
David Anderson’s ghost bike at Paseo del Norte and Rio Grande.
Emma Difani


This Week's News/Opinion: Best & worst news of 2010; the year at the City Council

Best and Worst News of 2010

The City Council contended with political shifts and a new mayor this year—here's a rundown of the most notable policy changes that came to pass.

The Year in Council Watch: Bees, Nukes, and Slashes

Odds & Ends: Forgotten $300,000, no ID left behind, police getaway escort, fake penis

Letters: Emperor Sam, the Mexicans are coming, Lead/Coal trials

V.19 No.51 | 12/23/2010
Payam Hasanzadeh and Daryoush Varyani
Sam Adams


This Week's News/Opinion: Torn up about Lead & Coal, cop cars, Refresh Nob Hill, private TSA?

Businesses and residents on Lead and Coal weren't prepared for the massive renovation along the one-way thoroughfares, but the city says the project has been in the works since 1989.

Newscity: All torn up about Lead and Coal

Council Watch: Cars for coppers, refresh Nob Hill, private security at Sunport?

Odds & Ends: The short answer, the slip, naked mailman, snowmicide, skunky present

Letters: Franz Huning’s honor, not Mexicans, go Heinrich

V.19 No.46 | 11/18/2010
The drawing room at the Hotel Parq Central—a place where people once withdrew after dinner—is situated near the hotel's entrance on the first level. The room is decked in vintage ephemera including Albuquerque postcards, an AT & SF railroad map and toy trains.
Sergio Salvador salvadorphoto.com


This Week's News/Opinion: Peacecraft faces closure; Transgender Day of Remembrance & local events

A 1926 hospital building in East Downtown comes back to life as a boutique hotel—behold the conversion in photos.

Photo Essay: A dose of history at Hotel Parq Central

News Profile: Burque’s fair-trade mecca, Peacecraft, faces closure

Ain't I a Woman?Transgender Day of Remembrance and local events this Thursday through Saturday.

Council Watch: A Mother’s Plea, including web-exclusive audio from the mother of the most recent victim of officer-involved shooting.

Odds & Ends: Pastor’s pornography; an amazing sandwich; Jesus’ restraining order; crime post; he ate his beard

Letters: Game and Fish, Rail Runner, immigration love, bikes, velvet paintings, hate us, praise us

V.19 No.43 | 10/28/2010


This Week's News & Opinion: Pornotopia film fest screwed, Radford on true blood suckers

Albuquerque sticks red tape all over Pornotopia's tasteful T and A, shutting down this year's festival.

Newscity: Porn festival screwed

The Radford Files: True blood (suckers) — a primer in vampire physiology

Odds & Ends: Revenge of the goats, long-lost bong, labor of the mind, arrest this dinner, but the movie DID suck

Letters: Neverending Hispano debate, criticizing the critic, metaphor city, magic Denish, Eastwood moseys

V.19 No.42 | 10/21/2010
Gwen Ifill discusses Obama and the 2010 elections Saturday, Nov. 6 at Expo New Mexico.
Don Perdue


This Week's News & Opinion: Gwen Ifill on Obama, race, midterm elections

PBS journalist Gwen Ifill on race, politics and the midterm elections

Council Watch: Feed the hungry and dismantle the nearby nukes, citizens say

Ortiz y Pino: Heroin, our ignored plague

Odds & Ends: Alligator eats pet turtle, a glass crack pipe eater, attacker queries victim, “Is this a bad idea?”

Letters: Stop excluding small parties, ye olde New Mexican debate, a stuttering PSA

V.19 No.40 | 10/7/2010


This Week’s News & Opinion: Comparing police-involved shootings, parking attendant confessions

Is There a Silver Bullet? A look at officer-involved shootings and police training in comparable cities

Council Watch: Food safety and The Gateway — Albuquerque City Council changes the city's food sanitation ordinance and renames a Southeast Heights neighborhood.

Guest Editorial: Confessions of a UNM parking attendant

Odds & Ends: Grumpy for Congress; bark if you’re enraged; no condoms in Intercourse, Penn.; sex with a dino; Ochocinco’s sex line

Letters: ¿Que Paso, Joe Biden?, working out the punditry, negative campaign ads, nukes are good, Heinrich rulz, voting is sacred, less-than-lethal options

V.19 No.22 |


The Daily Word 06.4.10: Dinosaurs!, commitment ceremonies and a viral video

The Daily Word

New Mexico gets its own new dinosaur, the Ojoceratops.

Want to head into nature to find your own dino? The Gila Forest celebrates Trails Day today and tomorrow at several sites by waiving fees. What are you doing? GO!

Teenagers. They just do it all the time don't they?

Have pride in your commitment and want to celebrate that with a ceremony? Head to New York.

So, McDonald's can sell poison "food" but not poison accoutrement?

One small step for man, one giant leap for space tourism.

Wait? What does one wear to Mars?

Some British guy's got an electric car. Good for him.

Lets hope he can stay off the sauce long enough to get home.

Finally, the shocking news comes out that 70 percent of Americans have watched a video on the internet. To celebrate, here's the best video on the ENTIRE INTERNET, according to me.