V.26 No.16 | 4/20/2017


The readers write about lovers and guns.
V.26 No.15 | 4/13/2017
Readers write about Martinez currying Trumps’s favor and Best Local Comedian.
V.26 No.13 | 3/30/2017
Readers write about equal pay and the Affordable Care Act.
V.26 No.9 | 3/2/2017
Readers write about pollution, national security and more.
V.26 No.5 | 2/2/2017
The readers write about Dr. King and taking back the power of pussy.
V.26 No.4 | 01/26/2017

Event Horizon

Listen Up, Buster

Saturday, Jan 28: People's State of the Union: Share Your Views

Join a transition team to advise on directions and strategies for the new president.
V.25 No.45 | 11/10/2016


The readers write about Mexican gray wolves, A.R.T. and manners.
V.25 No.42 | 10/20/2016
The readers write.
V.25 No.39 | 9/29/2016
Readers write to Weekly Alibi about transgender restrooms, ART safety concerns and ways to love Burque.
V.25 No.38 | 09/22/2016

The Daily Word in The Presidential Debate, Bionic Yarn and Mars Colonization

The Daily Word

One short list of falsehoods from the Clinton-Trump debate, and one much longer analysis.
And in case you missed the debate and are interested, here's a link.

Speaking of debates, here's one way to settle them.

Have a strong opinion about the presidential candidates? Today is National Voter Registration day, so make sure you register and go vote on Nov. 8!

Say hello to recycled polyester, otherwise known as Bionic Yarn, a clothing material made from used plastics. Optimistically speaking, this could make a huge positive impact on the atrocious amount of plastics currently floating in the oceans.

To be happy is to be healthy. And it's contagious.

Nearly 300 tech firms across the country are declaring Nov. 8, election day, a paid company holiday.

Elon Musk speaks at the International Astronautical Congress in Mexico about his plan to colonize Mars. Watch the talk live here.

In an analysis of revolutionaries vs reactionaries in modern American history, opinion writer David Brooks states, “It doesn't matter how much living standards rise or the poverty rate falls, it makes you seem smart and woke to be alarmed and hypercritical.” Read the article for more thoughtful insights about our strange yearning for an idealized past, and why “it's stupid and impossible to turn back the clock.”

V.25 No.37 | 9/15/2016


The Don says don’t cook.
V.25 No.33 | 8/18/2016
A reader writes to advocate the return of red light cameras.
V.25 No.32 | 8/11/2016
A reader writes about pedestrian and bicycle safety...
V.25 No.31 | 8/4/2016
naked guy
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The Joy of Nudity

The Don writes about nudity.