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V.20 No.25 | 6/23/2011


The Daily Word in Weiner and Wiener, sunscreen and making out

In the news: stun gunning, Rep. Weiner, Bernalillo County Commissioner Wiener, post-rape joke, Rep. Steve Pearce, Alibi interview with Jarrell, Naked, pull up his saggy pants, Monsoons, bohemian rhapsody, The Baconery, declines, making out, Conan O’Brien’s

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V.20 No.21 | 5/26/2011


The Daily Word with fights, Chihuahuas and Lady Gaga

In the news: Serbian general, Patriot Act, broken facial bones and seizures, Chihuahua, sits nonchalantly near Heather Wilson, Growers’ markets, drop out of college, baby’s sex, users’ IP addresses, employers, booze, vetoes, Lost pyramids, Lady Gaga

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V.20 No.20 |


The Daily Word: Food trucks, MacGyver, orgies

In the news: 77,000 acres, APD shooting from 2009, food trucks, zombie apocalypse, Bosque, believers' pets?, orgies, bad food, MacGyver, Gwyneth Paltrow

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V.20 No.18 | 5/5/2011

Alibi Picks

For the Dogs

The Eastside Animal Welfare Center (8920 Lomas NE) is throwing a "grand opening" party to celebrate a recent renovation. On Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., more than 18 animal rescue groups will man info tables and help with pet adoptions. The fun includes free pizza, door prizes and demos by the APD K-9 Unit, as well as the unveiling of two newly installed sculptures: "Kimo the Cat" by Michele VandenHeuvel and "American Dog" by Dale Rogers. The event is free to the public. For more information, call 768-1975.

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V.20 No.18 |


The Daily Word: Geronimo, heroin, therapy kangaroo

In the news: codename, How did they find bin Ladin, antiabortion package, heroin, Seal Team 6, gas company, Intel's air permit, neighbors' health complaints, GOP presidential primary debate, fraking, 110, mom, Glenn Beck, Therapy kangaroo

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V.20 No.12 |


The Daily Word: Earthquake in Myanmar, jet fuel, sperm from scratch

In the news: 7.0 earthquake, Jet fuel, 8 percent tuition hike, allow alcohol, driver's license issue, Missing parrot, sperm from scratch, preference for females, Who will the Republicans run in 2012?, acts of terrorism, urban areas near Tel Aviv, clowns

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V.20 No.11 |


The Daily Word: .xxx, menthols, fast food

In the news: Super moon, Roundhouse 2011, New Mexico's unemployment fund afloat, fast-food joints, APS doesn't want it, 30 puppies, Gaddafi's compound, for a while, nuclear reactor, Menthols, .xxx web suffix, quinoa, perfect steak, The 400-pound marathoner

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V.20 No.4 | 1/27/2011


The Daily Word 01.20.10: Garbage hotel, mafia, Gov. Martinez

In the news: TSA trial, it’s happening today, mafia crackdown, prairie dog, lotto scholarship, 3D movies, “quintessentially American” dinner, National Republicans, reappoint him, with Wal-Mart, hotel made of garbage, death row

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V.19 No.50 |


The Daily Word 12.22.10: DADT signed, WTF, Lakers

In the news: female inmates at MDC, secretary of education, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Toys, nuclear treaty, ugliest, WTF, ap, 9/11 first responders, Lakers?, babies, sick kid?, 50 rad things

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V.19 No.50 | 12/16/2010
Tom Nayder

News Bite

Lost Dog Found

Alibi ad nets stolen canine

When Angela Stell came across news of a missing pit bull, she knew she had to help. "I thought, If she's going to have a chance of being found, we're going to have to get involved."

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V.19 No.39 | 9/30/2010
Puppies in the back of Patty Mugan’s truck on their way to no-kill shelters out of state.
Courtesy of Patty Mugan

News Profile

500 Miles to Safety

A shelter worker becomes part of an underground railroad for strays

When Patty Mugan goes to work, she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that some of her friends will die on her watch. Mugan is not the only one who faces this grim forecast every day. That's just reality for animal shelter employees. "Some days, it is very difficult to see some of the things that we see at our shelter," says the Valencia County Animal Shelter technician. "But I know that for some dogs and cats that have been abused or abandoned or on the streets for a long time, this is the best they have ever been taken care of; because they had shelter from the weather, fresh food and water, and someone that cares to spend time with themat least for a little while."

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V.19 No.38 | 9/23/2010
She sees me when I’m sleeping. She knows when I”m awake.
John Bear
She sees me when I’m sleeping. She knows when I”m awake.


Free cat to bad home

My cat knows I’m an insomniac and she thinks it’s funny

It’s been nearly three days since I last slept. Or has it been four?

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V.19 No.35 | 9/2/2010
Eric Williams


Where to get a pet

Finding the next Nemo, Felix, Desdemona or Mr. Sprinkles

Sometimes you move from one city to another and show up a cat short. Cats are angry beasts and will run off when they sense something is personally unacceptable. Sometimes a significant other leaves and takes them. In either case, it’s important to move forward and quickly replace those missing kitties and pooches. Most importantly, you should adopt shelter pets. There are plenty of good animals waiting for homes. There’s no need to buy a $2,000 Mongolian vole hound when a perfectly fine mongrel can be had for less than $100. Hell, my cat Scoop Satanica ran me 10 bucks at a lucky sale at the Humane Society. She has, of course, since racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage and lost man hours.

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V.19 No.34 |


The Daily Word 08.26.10: Glenn Beck and MLK, uranium drilling, pizza burger

In the news: giant sea spiders and carnivorous flower sponges, Fire tornado, stimulus money, Glenn Beck, reveals that he's gay, Women of Wal-Mart, German singer, Cigarettes will no longer be free, Uranium drilling, Old man in Santa Fe, farmer's markets, El Paso on Tuesday, cats and dogs in pet stores, Journal apologizes to Juarez, pizza burger

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V.19 No.27 | 7/8/2010


Lost Dog (or Cat or Horse or Cow ... )

While humans seem to love loud, bright, exploding Fourth of July fireworks our furry friends hate pyrotechnics. For dogs, cats, horses and other farm animals this is one of the most stressful and dangerous times of the year. 2010 was especially rough, because the holiday stretched over several days. The noise often drives pets to run away, especially if left outside and unattended.

“We have a higher volume of stray animal calls and a higher volume of barking complaint calls on July 4 than on almost any other night of the year,” says Capt. Albert Marquez of Animal Welfare’s Field Services Division.

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