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V.20 No.7 | 2/17/2011

Roundhouse Roundup

Bills That Make You Go, “Hmm ... ”

The 2011 Legislature has convened and is moving sluggishly forward. It’s the 60-day version this year, which usually means that more than the budget gets passed. This is the time when controversial policy issues take center stage.

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Marriage equality rally at noon on Civic Plaza

In honor of love on Valentine's Day, people will gather in Downtown Albuquerque to embrace LGBT families.

Civic Plaza is in Downtown Albuquerque near Third Street and Tijeras.

Kelly Hutton, one of the demonstration's organizers, said in an interview that she's committed to her family. As someone who's a good aunty and "wants to have her her own family one day, I deserve the same rights as any other family member in the United States or in New Mexico. I'm a person of faith, as well."

Calvary Chapel is organizing a march against marriage rights for the LGBT community in Santa Fe today.

Three bills in the Legislature aim to define marriage in New Mexico as between one man and one woman. (Such bills are commonly referred to as Defense of Marriage Acts.) Hutton says she's not surprised by the number of DOMAs in the Roundhouse this year because of the conservative shift in political power. "There's been a movement to fight off a DOMA bill every year," Hutton said. "We have a lot of help. Right now, we're working toward getting people to be active and holding our allies accountable. There still is hope. There's always hope."

Today's rally on Civic Plaza is organized by Get Equal and Marriage Equality USA. It's part of a chain of demonstrations across the country.

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The Daily Word 1.6.11: Hoarder house, turtle prosthetics, golden radio voice

The Daily Word

They still haven't found the shooter from UNMH, but his brother is sticking up for him.

AG's opinion on same-sex marriage whips opponents into a lather.

Del Norte football player dies from oxycodone overdose, according to his family.

Hoarder house demolished by the city.

Obama's (probable) new chief of staff doesn't dig consumer protection or health care reform?

Turtle and goose prosthetics.

Did you read about the homeless man with the golden radio voice?

BP could escape a gross negligence charge.

Hackers figured out how to make the PS3 to run any software, including pirated games.

The pope says God caused the Big Bang.

Dead birds in Sweden.


The "me" marriage.

Pop-up restaurants.

V.19 No.52 |


AG says New Mexico can recognize same-sex marriages from out of state

State Rep. Al Park asked Attorney General Gary King whether nuptials performed for same-sex couples would be valid in the Land of Enchantment. Yesterday, he said yes!

From the opinion:

While we cannot predict how a New Mexico court would rule on this issue, after review of the law in this area, it is our opinion that a same-sex marriage that is valid under the laws of the country or state where it was consummated would likewise be found valid in New Mexico.

Forty states ban recognition of same-sex marriages. The other 10, including the Land of Enchantment, don't address the issue.

That means that lesbian or gay couples who've traveled outside of New Mexico to marry may have their union honored at home.

Same-sex marriages are legal in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, D. C.

Jesse Lopez, president of Albuquerque Pride, released this statement:

Albuquerque Pride stands tall and proud in this moment in support of Attorney General Gary King and his voiced opinion. As we move into the future it is the hope of Albuquerque Pride that our community and our elected officials will give voice to the fight for our civil rights and equality within our state.