Alibi Bucks

 Sep 13 - 19, 2012 
We here at the Alibi are nothing if not champions of bastard art forms, and really, bastards in general. So, with that we present to you the winners of the 20th annual Haiku Contest.
Katherine Pierce is moving past the night a man broke into her house and murdered her husband. She filed a lawsuit questioning whether APD could have caught the killer before it happened.
Ex-Angry Samoan and Creem Magazine record reviewer Gregg Turner ended up teaching math in New Mexico and playing in a garage psych band called the Blood Drained Cows. Now he's releasing his first solo album.
Shimmering pitchers of syrup, gleaming glasses of orange juice and milk, a pie case aglow with golden crusts, haloed meringues and stage-lit creams. It’s like paradise.
Despite the rise of the blockbuster and the decline of the independent film in recent years, Compliance, the scary and controversial drama from first-time writer-director Craig Zobel, has stirred up quite a bit of noise.
If you can look past political short circuits, The Sleeper is a fun, quirky little ditty, but it's not the post-9/11 social satire it wants to be.

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