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The Daily Word in the Senate Filibuster, Gun Control and the Dog Head Fire

The Daily Word

Looks like two senators are finally taking a stand on gun control in a "filibuster-style blockade."

You can watch it live right now!

In Florida, it's easier to get a gun than solar panels, a driver's license, an abortion, an exotic pet...

The Dog Head Fire is burning without containment.

A badass Twitter user is calling out politicians who are "praying for Orlando" but refuse to support gun control laws.

Check out this heroic Rio Rancho teen.

Look back at the history of the gun control debate.

A state worker started a relationship with Nehemiah Griego.

What does a map of a hallucination look like?

This is the first mammal to go extinct from global warming.

Did you know noise has color?

A scene from the festival in Taos
Douglas Cohen


Festival Review: Music on the Mesa

Happiness flowed at Taos event

"Raise the window down" – a comment heard from the stage, refering to the kinfolk of recording artist Robyn Ludwick, from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

It was 3 p.m. in Taos, when a thousand post-hippie people gathered for three days for the 2nd Annual Music on the Mesa Festival at Taos Mesa Brewery.

I can’t go any further without expanding on the merits of the venue. TMB produces outstanding, hand-crafted beer in both quality and variety. I was on a roll with their Equinox IPA, offered alongside a Session beer, several ales, Pale and otherwise, their own Kolsch style, Amber, Hefewizen and more. The venue also serves excellent, regionally influenced food: Smoked Mahi, Mahi fish tacos, roasted beet salad and dynamite brats and burgers.

The setting is one of the most spectacular music venues I’ve visited in 43 years of festival going. It ranks right behind Red Rocks Amphitheater and the Pagosa Springs Four Corners Festival.

We were on the West Mesa just north of Taos and minutes from the Rio Grande Gorge within the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. The deep gorge cutting into the high desert offers breathtaking views. So it’s like placing a music festival inside a National Park. All this is also minutes from the regionally famed Taos Earthship residential communities.

We visited my old college buddy Marko and his Earthship home that morning before making our way to day three of the Fest. This Earthship is the real thing; artfully built based upon environmentally forward principles and methods. it is placed partially within the earth; utilizes solar heating, re-uses rainwater off the roof and stored in cisterns; is made with numerous upcycled materials including glass bottles, cans, tires and wood from previous eras of furniture.

The vibe at the Fest is a macro-extension of this northern New Mexico counter culture. We recognized folks from our similarly alt-America suburb of Albuquerque, Corrales, N.M., while our friends here ran into their peeps from the architectural and textile design mini-verse that identifies much of New Mexican culture.

The long white hairs and the grey hairs mix easily with the 20- and 30-somethings who diligently follow the musical genres featured here: Rockabilly and Western Swing, a little bluegrass, Singer-Songwriter, Alt-Country, Americana, and smoking Country Rock.

Steve Plyler, founder of Walking Rain Productions, hand picks each act beginning a year out with his team of insiders. The festival is faithful to previous performers who played at the inaugural event last year. The following artists were on last year as well as this year’s bill: Kelly Mickwee, Grace Askew, Band of Heathens, Far West, Sammy Brue, Robyn Ludwick,

This year we were both fortunate and blessed to have as headliners Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle for the final night. These two veterans of the road are notable for their enduring creativity and stick-with-it-ness that characterizes not only their act but their lives.

Across the concert venue were scattered vendors and sponsors. A sleek Airstream trailer featured fine wine and foretells of an Airstream and RV Motel park that will soon open across the highway from the Taos Mesa Brewery.

A fresh juice and smoothie bar, built into half a vintage car was a real thirst-quenching hotspot. And, of course, the well stocked Merch Tent beckons.

The Main Stage beneath the amphitheater is front and center, with the Patio and Indoor Stages serving shorter acts between set-ups. We heard thevenerable Ray Wylie Hubbard ("Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother"), a Texas legend, followed by Colvin and Earle.

We sat in the high desert, 7000 feet in the atmosphere, listening to and anticipating dexterous music meant to revive, inform and inspire those who have been fortunate enough to have made it to the Mesa. Join in next year: You are Welcome, You are Invited.

The Daily Word in Heroic Women, Chemistry and Photogenic Monkeys

The Daily Word

The true art of seduction, told by a heroic 90-year-old woman.

On his quest to photograph all 12,000 captive species in the world, photographer Joel Sartore adds the majestic proboscis monkey to the list. Apparently the noses on these guys are a pretty attractive trait to female proboscises.

Ah, the blame game. The NRA claims that Obama and his policies are responsible for the heartbreaking mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Meanwhile, thousands of people attend a vigil determined to spread love and support, and prove that hate cannot win.

Next on the summer reading list.

An atmospheric chemist collects air samples in movie theaters and discovers that emissions from peoples' breath are most likely influenced by emotions.

Be nice to your waitstaff, or pay the price.

Neither her wedding dress nor her agenda got in the way of this just-married woman from saving the day.


Santa Fe Opera Guide Discussion

Discuss the Santa Fe Opera's 2016 season with Desiree Mays.

The Daily Word in Church, Nachos and Head Grenades

The Daily Word

Bernie is "stirred by his emotions?" I would never have guessed. Take a look at these handwriting analyses of the candidates.

NASA is funding research into hitching rides on asteroids as a form of space travel.

A ten-year-old boy had a brilliant idea: blue corn chips for the nachos at the Brewers' concession stands. That way,the nachos match the team colors! "Tyler's Nachos" will be on sale today at Miller Park in Milwaukee.

What was thought to be a lost underwater city has been discovered to be ancient bacterial concretions.

In case you were worried: A study has shown that multiple parallel lines at the checkout lane is faster than the traditional single line preferred by movie and concert ticket booths.

Colombian doctors successfully removed a live grenade from a soldier's head. Another soldier accidentally fired a grenade launcher and embedded one of the explosive devices in his comrade's skull. The operation was done in the parking lot in case it exploded.

Join the Church of the Universe, because weed.


Local Fantasy Writer at Page 1 Books

Local fantasy author to visit Page 1 Books.
totally professional Don


Downtime with Don Schrader

This week we sit down with local celebrity Don Schrader to discuss pride, his life, war and many many more juicy subjects. Don, shine on you crazy diamond.

Route 66 "Mother Road" Film Series at KiMo

Route 66 opened in November of 1926 and offered a more direct route for driving from Chicago to California. When completed, it ran 2,448 miles, from the cornfields of Illinois to the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The Albuquerque area was a critical junction, and the center of a political scandal due to re-routing what was to be a north/south road to an east/west alignment, resulting in Albuquerque being the only place where the highway crosses itself. Today, Albuquerque boasts the longest single-city urban stretch of the highway in the nation at 16 miles.

In honor of the 90th anniversary of Route 66, the Albuquerque Museum and KiMo Theatre are partnering to present "Mother Road Movies," a series of films in which historic Route 66, known as The Mother Road, plays a role. The series is in conjunction with Albuquerque Museum's new exhibition, Route 66: Radiance, Rust and Revival on the Mother Road.

From a popular song ("Get Your Kicks on Route 66") to a TV series in the 1960s, Route 66 has been a popular theme in American culture, as is evidenced in the Mother Road film series. Don't miss the opportunity to view these historically significant films at the KiMo Theatre, the only "movie palace" still screening films on Albuquerque's Route 66. All screenings will begin at 7pm.

Kirk Douglas and Jan Sterling star in Ace in the Hole (1951) on Thursday, June 9. Down-on-his-luck reporter Charles Tatum takes a job with a small New Mexico newspaper. When he finds a man trapped in an old Indian dwelling, he jumps at the chance to milk the story by taking the lead and prolonging the rescue effort, resulting in his byline appearing in major papers coast-to-coast. The scheme works in his favor until things go terribly wrong. The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Story and Best Screenplay. Be on the look out for a very early version of KOB TV's news van in the film. Not Rated.

The powerful 1969 film Easy Rider will screen on Thursday, June 30. Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper star in this cult film about young hippie bikers who set out on a trip across America. They encounter bigotry and hatred in small towns, spend time with other non-conformists in a commune, take a bad trip on LSD, and are confronted by rednecks who consider them degenerates. Heading to New Orleans, they join in a small town parade and are arrested for parading without a license. While in jail they meet George Hanson (Nicholson), an alcoholic local lawyer. He decides to join them on their trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Violence follows them in their journey, leading to the worst possible outcome.

Dennis Hopper received the First Film Award (Prix de la première œuvre) at the 1969 Cannes Film Festival and Jack Nicholson was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the 42nd Academy Awards. The film appears at #88 on the American Film Institute's list of 100 Years...100 Movies. In 1998, Easy Rider was added to the United States National Film Registry, having been deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant." Rated R.

On Thursday, July 7, Two Lane Blacktop (1971) will be shown, starring James Taylor, Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson, Warren Oates and Laurie Bird. Esquire Magazine declared the film its movie of the year for 1971, and even published the entire screenplay in its April 1971 issue. It was not a commercial success, but became a counterculture cult classic. Selected for preservation in the U.S. National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in 2012, it was deemed as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant." Rated R.

The next "Mother Road" film to screen on Thursday, July 14 is Starman (1984), starring Jeff Bridges as a humanoid alien who finds a gold phonograph record that was installed on the Voyager 2 space probe and follows the invitation on the recording to visit earth. Shot down by the U.S. government in Wisconsin, he encounters a widow (Karen Allen) and the story becomes both an adventure and a love story as they travel to the Southwest so Starman can rendezvous with people from his planet. Facing danger and many changes in plans, they finally bond into a partnership to save him, and her. Rated PG.

Tickets for each screening: $5. Tickets are available at Tickets are also available at the KiMo Ticket Office, 505-768-3544. Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 11am-8pm; Sunday 11am-3pm. Concessions will be available.


The Daily Word in Hillary Clinton, Brock Turner and World Oceans Day

The Daily Word

Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic presidential nomination!

Happy World Oceans Day!

These are the two Swedish Stanford students who caught Brock Turner in the middle of attempting to rape an unconscious woman.

A father penned a response to the letter from Brock Turner's father.

Facebook is censoring a meme calling Brock Turner what he is.

A local man set fire to his apartment to escape the noise of his neighbors having sex.

American Apparel is launching #MakeAmericaGayAgain for Pride.

Raul Torrez won the Democratic nomination for Bernalillo County District Attorney.

Republicans feel "fear and loathing" for Trump.

Mishandled sexual assault cases are at epidemic proportions in NY schools.

Susie Tallman and Friends

Free Popular Evenings at Balloon Museum Feature All-Ages Entertainment

The Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum grounds are the perfect place to spend a summer evening! Just the sunset view of the Sandia Mountains would be enough to draw a crowd, but there is so much more to enjoy.

Beginning Wednesday, June 8 from 6-8pm the popular summer series "Stories in the Night Sky" and rousing performances by the Albuquerque Concert Band will draw people of all ages to the North Grounds for evenings of great entertainment.

This summer program is offered every other Wednesday evening for five Wednesdays, June 8, June 22, July 6, July 22 and August 3. New this year! For the last two Wednesdays (July 20 & August 3) the Balloon Museum invites outstanding various music bands including Frank Leto's Caribbean music and bluegrass music from the popular Gregg Daigle Band.

On Wednesday, June 8 from 6-7pm the duo Bébé La La will bring their original indie folk art songs with guitar, accordion and vocals. The award-winning French Canadian-influenced Alicia and Maryse are very popular with Albuquerque area audiences.

On Wednesday, June 22 Stories in the Night Sky will welcome Susie Tallman and Friends. The multiple award-winning group present traditional songs with a twist; music that connects generations-bridging the years between grandparent, parent and child with song. Bringing contemporary kids' music with a beat, Susie and Friends never fail to leave kids cheering for more!

July 6 presents MAGIC! with Tall Paul Magic. Funny, clever and cool magic for all ages from 6-7pm followed by the ABQ Concert Band. On July 22, there is Frank Leto's Steel Drum: Beautiful global music for young ones. Followed by Frank & Pilar Leto Extravaganza: Caribbean music and dancing energize this summer night with bright music and bright costumes.

On August 3, 6-7pm Family Music with Andy Mason. Award-winning, bi-lingual, interactive and FUN. From 7-8pm The Gregg Daigle Band will play off of their album Seize the Hay. Audiences will enjoy a great local band to celebrate ABQ's best view of summer sunsets.

The audience is welcome to bring their own picnics (no glass or alcohol), or can enjoy the delicious offerings of Albuquerque food trucks throughout the summer including Cheesy Street, Street Food Institute, My Sweet Basil and Conchita's Creations on different weeks. But every concert will be the divine JP's Famous Frozen Custard. Bring blankets and lawn chairs and have a relaxing evening outdoors enjoying some lively entertainment.

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