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Weekly Weather Report

Today has been pretty cloudy and this evening we can expect rain and some wind up to 15 mph. Wednesday will be less cloudy but slightly cooler with a high of 89º. Thursday will be sunny and breezy. Friday will be basically the same as Thursday. Pure sunshine all weekend long with a gentle breeze. Monday looks like it will be as cloudy as today (if not more) and cooler with stronger breezes and some hateful glances from the neighbor that died four and a half years ago, Gods rest their soul. I predict next Tuesday will be rainy. Don't forget; it's a safe bet for the rest of the month that it'll rain during the nighttime, so bring an umbrella when you're escaping your gray alien-invaded home in the middle of the night. Happy monsoon season!

The Daily Word in American Citizenship, Natural Disasters and Fragile Bones

The Daily Word

The Donald should be able to pass a naturalization test in his own country, right? It's only fair.

Over 10,000 Louisiana residents are staying in emergency shelters after enduring four days of rain and flooding, while the city of Baton Rouge struggles with water damage.

Cecile Richards fights harder than ever for abortion rights.

The National Park Service turns 100 on August 25th. Know what that means? Free entry into any National Park! Road trip time.

This is why Shaunae Miller's dive across the finish line in the Olympic 400 meter race was a fair way to win.

Scientists have developed a drug that stimulates bone growth and prevents fractures for people with osteoporosis.

This guy's weekend plans? Just peering over the edge of an active volcano. Nothing special.

Courtesy StarFire PR


ABQ Trolley Co. to Launch Tour Excursions

Trolley trips include transportation to Sandia Peak

Albuquerque, NM  (July 26, 2016) – For the first time ever, New Mexico visitors (and locals) can enjoy full tour packages designed and hosted by locally-owned and operated company: Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory (AT&SF). Starting August 9th, ABQ Trolley Co., a division of AT&SF, is offering half-day, full-day, and multi-day tour packages. Provided year-round on AT&SF's newest vehicle, ABQ Trolley X , excursions immerse patrons in local art, culture, nature, and history.

"There's not another company in Albuquerque or New Mexico that does half-, full-, and multi-day tours for leisure tourists," says AT&SF co-founder Jesse Herron. "Typically, people have to sign up with a large group tour from an outside company." 

"We're two local guys, helping people experience our destination in the most unique and enriching way possible – a ‘small-batch' craft tour with a private guide for VIP service," adds other co-founder Mike Silva.

NM Xcursions, as the tours will be known, begin August 9, and take place Tuesday-Friday. Full schedule details at More excursions are in the works and will be unveiled soon. Multi-Day tour packages will begin this fall.

NM Xcursion #1 — Kicks on Route 66

This is a full-day outing that celebrates the Mother Road like only Albuquerque can. Not only does our city have one of the best-preserved sections of this highway, we have two of them. Sixteen miles of the legendary road pass through Albuquerque, with neon signs buzzing overhead and nostalgic restaurants, shops and attractions along the way. This excursion includes history, interactive demonstrations, visits to AT&SF All-Star shops, and lunch at a local diner. It also includes a drive on the musical highway, a new attraction many locals have yet to discover. All museum fees, lunch, snacks and water are included. 

NM Xcursion #2 —- TRAMsporter

This summer also marks the 50th anniversary of the Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway. In all of those years, there has never been affordable transportation from Old Town to this popular attraction. AT&SF is making history by offering an evening excursion directly from Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town to the Tram. The TRAMsporter will enable patrons to experience the stunning sunset views and mountain vistas of the Sandias at the most beautiful time of day. It is perfect for visitors and locals who want a fun, unique evening or a great date night. Ticket includes round trip TRAMsportation to the base of the mountain where patrons will experience the Sandia Peak Tramway (Tram tickets are not included), restaurants and nature trails at their leisure. 

"There's definitely been a huge need for a service to the Tram since it opened in 1966," says AT&SF co-founder Mike Silva. 

"Sandia Peak receives numerous requests seeking transportation options.  We are pleased that ABQ Trolley Co. has taken the initiative to provide this alternate service to visitors," says Debi Owen, Director of Communications at Sandia Peak.

NM Xcursion #3 — Not Your Father's Santa Fe

AT&SF is partnering with revolutionary arts production company, Meow Wolf, to invite guests to step outside of the adobe box in Santa Fe. This full-day excursion follows the Turquoise Trail from Hotel Albuquerque to Santa Fe for a fully immersive and unique tour. The final destination is Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return for an other-worldly experience described as "surreal" and "mind-blowing." Other highlights include unusual art collections, a ghost town brought back from the dead and lunch at Duel Brewing. This is the perfect tour for visitors who want more from Santa Fe than traditional arts, museums and historic sites. 

"Not only are we proud to work with Meow Wolf to showcase the hip, active and exciting part of Santa Fe, we are also looking forward to offering this much-requested tour service between our two cities," says Silva. Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory (AT&SF) is the parent company of ABQ Trolley Co., Duke City Pedaler, Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk, Albu-Quirky, and Mother Road Bike Taxi. ABQ Trolley Co. was founded by Jesse Herron and Mike Silva in 2009 and expanded to AT&SF in 2015.  Additional information can be found on

AT&SF is proud to have recently been inducted into TripAdvisor's Hall of Fame, and has now received their esteemed Certificate of Excellence for six years in a row.

*For media inquiries, please contact Kristi D. Lawrence with StarFire PR & Marketing at or call (505) 720-7403 .

The Daily Word in Gabby Douglas, Milwaukee protests, and flooding in Louisiana

The Daily Word

After days of fighting, the Taliban has taken a district in the northern Baghalan province of Afghanistan. The importance of Baghalan province is that the main highway linking nine other districts passes through it. Which means that if the Taliban takes over neighboring districts, they will have complete control over travel into and out of those nine districts.

Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas has been the target of severe social media and press attacks the last few days. She's being criticized for not putting her hand over her heart during the national anthem, and for not having straight enough hair. Y'all. We're better than this.

Protests began in Milwaukee on Saturday, just a few hours after police shot and killed Sylville Smith, a 23-year-old Black man, who was apparently armed and running away from police. The protests continued into the early hours of Monday morning, with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker declaring a state of emergency and calling in the National Guard on Sunday. Some protestors claim that Smith was shot in the back while running away, which police deny happened. It would all be a lot clearer if the police would just release the body camera footage...

Days of heavy rain have flooded Southern Louisiana, wreaking homes and submerging roads and highways. Five have died, and 20,000 have had to be rescued. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has called it an "historic, unprecedented flooding event."

Chinese diver He Zi won a silver medal on Sunday, and got another surprise: as she was standing on the medal podium, her boyfriend of six years, fellow diver Qin Kai, pulled out a ring and proposed. The photo pretty much says everything you need to know about this. Love is cool.

Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Courtesy of the City of Albuquerque

Big Head Todd & The Monsters Headline Westside Summerfest

Wrapping up an exciting summer for Albuquerque's Summerfest season, the final event will be held on Saturday, August 20, from 5-10:30pm on Ellison Drive between Alameda and Cottonwood. Westside Summerfest will offer all of the features Summerfest fans have come to expect: great bands, food, drink, local products available for purchase, fun for the kids and more.

Headlining this year's Westside Summerfest is Big Head Todd & The Monsters. They began playing small clubs in Colorado, then leapt onto the national scene with their live performances and recordings, including their Platinum album, Sister Sweetly, produced by Prince associate David Z. BHTM, as their fans call them, will end the evening with their unique brand of rock/blues/folk/jazz onstage from 9-10:30pm.

But the Westside Summerfest crowd will not have to wait that long to hear some great music. Opening onstage from 5-6pm will be Double Plow, a local group bringing a potpourri of rock sounds that never fail. Their energetic onstage style will set the tone for a great evening of live music.

From 6:15-7:15pm Treehouse Basement will perform tunes that range in influence from Nirvana to Willie Nelson and the Commodores. This feel-good band performs regularly around the Albuquerque area and is building fans everywhere they play.

Boris & The Salt Licks bring rousing Americana sounds to the stage from 7:30-8:30pm. Boris McCutcheon brings his singer/songwriter talent to every performance. Boris plays guitar, harmonica and mandolin, with backup band The Salt Licks bringing a rich depth to the sound. The fact that they are also great friends is felt in the warmth of their onstage presence.

If the idea of roasted corn, pizza, creative sandwiches, BBQ, tacos, Italian ice, and more sound good to you, you are in luck. Some of Albuquerque's most popular food trucks will be there dishing out delectable dining options. The Microbrew Garden will feature a great mix of local breweries, including Bosque Brewing, Red Door Brewing, Broken Trail, Boxing Bear Brewery, Santa Fe Brewing, Left Turn Distilling, Kaktus Brewing, Abbey Brewing, St. Clair Winery, Turtle Mountain Brewery, Marble Brewery, Canteen Brewhouse, and LaCumbre Brewing. The only question will be which brew to try first!

The Artisan Market presents unique items for purchase, and you can know that whatever you choose will be something very special.

There will be a number of options to entertain the kids at this family-friendly event. Inflatables help get rid of extra energy, face-painting brings out their creativity, and other fun activities will keep them happy and engaged.

One exciting option for kids is being offered by Home Depot. With expert supervision they can construct their own bird houses, baskets and even a helicopter-what fun! Home Depot conducts these workshops on the first Saturday of the month at their various locations, and love showing kids how much fun it is to create something special.

As always, admission to Westside Summerfest is free. Leashed pets are welcome, and the event will be held rain or shine.

Parking in the Cibola High School parking lot is an easy way to get there, with a free shuttle running from Cibola directly to the Summerfest location. Or ride your bike and take advantage of the free Bike Valet provided by Esperanza Bike Shop. All attendees are requested to avoid parking at local shopping centers unless you are patronizing stores there.

Circle your calendars for August 20 and don't miss the last big outdoor event of this summer!

暮しの手帖社 / Public Domain

Dream Blog #369

"That's not at all what the book is about."

I'm at my friend S's house. She lives on top of the mountain. She's half Japanese and recently returned from Japan with a bunch of cool stuff. One of the items she brought back was a book. I'm looking it over. Another friend, Z, asks me what the book is about. I don't really understand it all but it starts off sort of as a comic adventure and slowly turns pornographic. S asks me how much Japanese I know. I explain that I can read kana and know a smattering of kanji and have a limited, though functional vocabulary. She tells me "Oh, okay. That's not at all what the book is about. It's actually a feudal romance." I'm lying down looking at the book trying to figure out how I misunderstood it. S pulls back my eyelids to determine how high I am. I put the book down and she offers me ecstasy. I don't have any money to pay her for it and I have to drive back down the the mountain, anyway, so I decline.

Event Horizon

Don't Just Drive By

Monday, Aug 15: Riff Raff Performs in Albuquerque

Riff Raff, Trill Sammy and Dice SoHo perform at El Rey.

The Daily Word in Cyborgs, Opera and Roach Murder

The Daily Word

Russia made an entire city disappear under a dense chemical fog as part of a military test. They were supposedly trying to see if they could effectively hide bases during military attacks. "Just shoot missiles at that giant cloud," said one theoretical enemy.

Check out this video of an emerald cockroach wasp injecting a roach with a venom that disables the part of its brain that tells it to escape danger. Afterward, she leads the seemingly hypnotized roach to her den, where the whole fam gets a taste. Creepy!

Don't call it a comeback: The World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were this close to declaring Africa polio-free after two years without any reported cases. This week, authorities discovered two cases in Nigeria.

Remember when that lady screwed up the restoration of a century-old fresco, turning Jesus into some kind of poorly-drawn cartoon character? Well, for those of you who don't: A comedic opera based on the debacle and the media storm that followed is slated to come out in 2017.

So, Kevin Kit Parker, head of a research team at Harvard University’s Disease Biophysics Group, decided to make a a cybernetic sting ray that uses a rat's heart muscles to power it's swimming motion ... Goodnight, everybody!


Should. What does it mean? And why do we use it so often? It's been so normalized that we say it without realizing our intentions, without realizing that we're bound by obligation to act and live in certain ways for reasons unknown. It's a concept that I question often and desperately strive to detach from. In an ideal world, the “shoulds” are far from my life, thrown off a cliff or anchored to an ocean floor and certainly nowhere near my decision-making. Why? Because the entire idea exists on a foundation of societal pressure and expectation.

Last week I received a late birthday gift in the mail from my mother. I expected a silly card with a corny message inside, or some ridiculous clothing item that I would never pick out myself. Instead, I reached inside a slightly crumpled priority mail envelope and felt the cool, smooth cover and sharp cardboard edges of a book. The Crossroads of Should and Must, I read. The title was written in colorful letters and on the bottom was a small illustration of a sign with two arrows pointing in opposite directions, reading, “should” and “must.”

I held the colorful book and let the title sink in. Could it really be about what I thought it was going to be about? I turned the first few pages and started skimming. “These pages are a pep talk to honor that voice inside of you that says you have something special to give. It's a reminder that while there is no map for where you're going, many have traveled the road before. It's permission to unlearn everything you've ever been told you should do in order to learn what you must.” I flipped through the pages, quicker this time.

The book detailed the difference between a job, a career and a calling. It was filled with splashes of colorful artwork and creative fonts, and looked almost like an interactive journal or picture book at first glance. The author talked about her personal experience with stepping outside of her comfort zone in order to quit doing something she felt she “should” do, and to start honoring her true passions, regardless of money or fear of failure or rejection.

You know those times when you start reading a book and it speaks to you on a spiritual level and you don't put it down until your eyes are bloodshot from staying awake for so long and the final page has been turned? That's what happened. I read the entire thing in one sitting and might have teared up a couple of times. No shame.

My brain! My heart! When did someone jump inside of my skull, steal my thoughts, articulate them much better than I ever could and then publish them?! I sat on my couch in a bit of a haze, the torn envelope flung onto the floor, and felt a wave of calm inspiration mixed with a frenzied, overwhelmed desire to do everything in the world all at once.

After I came down from my post-reading high, I had to wonder: how real is this? How possible is it to live a life that serves you in every way, and to refuse to compromise your principles for the sake of societal acceptance or money? The idealist in me wanted every single word to be true. The idealist wanted to take the book and my keys and bolt out the door towards a life of unprecedented adventure. But the realist was skeptical, latching onto the all-too-well-known ways of comfort and conformity. I believe in living vulnerably, striving to look a fool and prove that I'm attempting things that make me uncomfortable, and I'm working on making that lifestyle a reality. This book was a reminder that simply being aware that I want to avoid a life of complacency and complete foreseeable structure is one step in the direction of where I do want to be.

Read the book. Even if you're someone who puts up barriers to mask your vulnerable side, and the thought of pages upon pages of cheesy, inspirational words is making you cringe with embarrassment. Especially you, read it.

Ain't nobody in trouble don't deserve trouble.


BCSO Conducting DWI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols Today, Aug 12th Thru Saturday, August 13th

Construction-Related Lane Closures Around the Big I Aug. 12th to Aug. 15th

The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office will be be conducting saturation patrols this weekend, looking for people driving under the influence and driving aggressively. Checkpoints will be set up in the North Valley to further check driver's insurance compliance, seatbelt compliance as well as child safety restraints in vehicles.

These checkpoints and saturation patrols are in effect thru Saturday Aug. 13th.

Let us all take some responsibility for bringing down our state's drunk driving numbers. This can be accomplished with greater public awareness, in conjunction with more effective enforcement by local law organizations. Fundamentally, drivers can avoid trouble by designating a driver, driving respectfully, buckling your seat belts and knowing when to find alternate carriage home from any party or show if you've tied one on.

There are also some concomitant construction projects affecting the Big I area from Aug, 12 thru Aug. 15th. As Follows:

I-25 Southbound bridge over Menaul will have right lane closures.

I-40 Eastbound over University Blvd (east of the Big I) will have various lanes closed.

If you are heading north on I-25 to eastbound I-40: left lane will be closed during this time.

If in doubt as to your ability to drive, CALL A TAXI.

Yellow Cab: 505-247-8888

Checker Cab: 505-243-7777

Safe Ride ABQ: 505-203-5386

Green Cab: 505-235-5140

ABQ Cab: 505-883-4888

UBER? use your app.

Tavern Taxi only functions on certain major drunkening
holidays but still keep them in mind. They're a community service.


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