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Wholly Healing  [ Wed Apr 22 2009 7:02 AM ]

Yes, polemic, there truly was a whole lot of healing that went on, but it wasn't anything like your filthy and gross imagination pictures it, or your scurrilous and libelous words try to convey it. It was a healing that the lustful and perverted will never know anything about.

Swine don't recognize a pearl of rare purity and beauty when they they see one; they only have the capacity to go hog-wild over the ooze and filth that they continuously wallow in while imagining that everyone else is as they are.

No, polemic, Michael Travesser aka Wayne Bent has never had even one mistress. What goes on in the lustful imaginations of the swine, is not what happened at Strong City. What did happen, was that there were a lot of living sacrifices, which were, and are still being, consumed in the humanly incomprehensible will of God; what did happen, was there were souls rescued from the torments of their natural selfish human nature by the tender and pure touch of God, to arise and begin walking in the glorious liberty of the Sons of God.

No, the swine will never comprehend the purity and complete freedom from human lusts that marked Michael's every healing event, or the exquisite mental and emotional pain that tortured his pure and sensitive heart as he was required by God to go against himself in order to follow Father's specific instructions in every healing event. The swine will never know that cost to themselves, because it takes one to know one, and only those whom God has laid on His altar of sacrifice will know and understand the sacrifice of himself that Michael aka Wayne Bent experienced, and is still experiencing.

The swine will never recognize "The Pearl of Great Price," or see the beauty of his nobility and integrity, his meekness and sensitivity, his faithfulness to his Father's every instruction at any and every cost to himself, and his long suffering patience with and faithful bearing of those God sent him to save.

The swine will never see the King in His beauty — the Lamb of God in human flesh, Who the Father sacrificed for the deliverance of the Lamb's wife, the Bride of God — those who have sacrificed everything in order to love God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength, and have allowed God to lay them on the altar of His excruciating and beloved will as a living sacrifice.

The swine will never know the sign that was given to this final generation in the final year of the Messianic prophecy of Daniel 9 — the sign of Isaiah 4:1, of seven women laying hold of one Man, and receiving His divine Self fully into themselves — heart, mind, soul and body, as a living parable of how every soul must lay hold of the Spirit of God within them, with every part of their being, in order to translate to heaven from this earth before its final destruction, without dying physically first.

The swine will be as the scoffers and mockers in the days of Noah: "They knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall be the coming of the Son of Man." "The wicked shall do wickedly, and NONE of the wicked shall understand, but the wise SHALL understand."

This is the judgment. The healing events that God Himself brought about in our land were the catalyst for the judgment of God. "Then shall you return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between the one that serves God and the one that serves him not." By the judgment that people make on these events, they reveal the difference between those who hear God's voice in their own hearts, witnessing to these events that He brought about, and those who don't; between those who profess to love God, and those who really do love God, the true Husband of the soul, no matter the personal cost to themselves to follow Him; between those who love their own goodness and those who have seen very clearly that they don't have any goodness of their own, and who married God alone so He could BE their goodness, from within them; between the swine, and the pure in heart. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God" in every healing event and intimate consummation that He brought to pass in our land. And the healing virtue from every excruciating living sacrifice will flow into their own hearts and minds, and they too will enter into the "marriage of the Lamb," and partake fully of his "marriage supper" prepared for them at such an infinite cost.

"Hereby perceive we the love of God, that He laid down His life for us [in every intimate consummation and in every non-sexual healing event] in order to marry us to the Spirit of our heavenly Father. And in turn, we also have laid down our lives for each other," in order to love each other with the same tender, faithful, selfless, self-sacrificing love that Michael has loved us with; "hereby perceive...the love of God."

You asked about Willow's special needs  [ Mon Apr 20 2009 6:44 AM ]

Willow had special needs because in her birthing process she had been stuck in the birth canal for many hours, and the emotional and mental effects from that, which were seen throughout her life, were in the form of inordinate and incapacitating fears that gave her extra things to deal with than a "normal" child has to deal with: she had a great fear of suffocation, and would often wake up at night calling out desperately, "Help me! Help me!" if the covers got over her mouth or head. One of her greatest fears was a panicky and unreasoning fear of any fire becoming out of control, be it fire in the wood stove or even the smallest fire outside, and she had this reaction without having had any traumatic experience in life that would have given that to her naturally. She further had an overpowering and incapacitating fear relating to people noticing her, or fear of being around people she wasn't familiar with, which would reveal itself in her hiding if a stranger appeared, and then she could not make eye contact but only look about in a terrified way.

When Willow was 11 years of age she was given a dream by God in which she felt a strong desire to ask for healing from Michael, and that she was given by God to request from him that he hold her on his bed without her having any clothes on. She communicated her desire to Michael by email and he told her that he was willing to heal her, and that Father would arrange it. Seven months later, after she had turned 12, and after God had taken her through an inner process of preparation to receive the healing He had prepared Michael to give her, He sent her to Michael's house and she received healing. Michael hadn't known beforehand when God would send Willow, but after God sent her to him, he shared with me that several weeks before she came, God had brought to him about walking her through a process of re-birthing so she could receive a new context of life. Willow shared with me afterward that that experience gave her an inner security and stability she had never felt before, because after that when she would feel harassed by old familiar fears trying to come back, the safety and security of Michael holding her, would come back to her, and she would feel again the protection and love and acceptance of God that she had felt then, and her fears couldn't take her over again.

Willow indeed received a healing that was so marked, that people in the land marveled and wondered what had happened to her because of the change in her, prior to knowing what had brought about the change. This one healing encounter with Michael was the beginning of a new life experience for her. She had had a lot of stomach difficulties due to the fears and stresses she had carried there, but that began changing right away after her healing with Michael. She exhibited a security and calmness that we had not seen in her before, and she stopped going into a full panic when she smelled smoke in the air. Willow is a completely different young woman now, and that change began with Michael holding her naked on his bed. This was purely a religious experience, to both Willow and Michael. They were the only ones there, and they both testified that there was nothing sexual about it.

regarding "sweet innocent girls"  [ Mon Apr 20 2009 6:33 AM ]

"truth and justice"

I will now address your question about the "sweet innocent girls." I do not have any hope in explaining it to your satisfaction however, because spiritual things are spiritually discerned and only someone who loves the Spirit of God and has been yielding to Him honestly, will be able to see what I am about to share. But I am addressing a few of the questions and issues on this forum that I am being led to address here, purely for the sake of any who are truly honest in heart and haven't already convicted Wayne Bent out of the prejudices or passions of their own hearts.

With the exception of A.S., all of the virgins that God sent to be naked before Michael, felt the need of inner healing on a deep core level. They were desiring to be healed from yielding to, and being affected by, the selfish, sinful, self-centered human nature that all of us born into this world have inherited. God put on their hearts that they needed this special healing in order to be freed to always recognize and yield to the thoughts and feelings of the Christ Child Who has also been placed within each one of us born into this world. As any sensitive and aware person recognizes, there are two natures at war within us human beings, and each person determines by their daily choices which nature will be victorious in the end.

God led our little congregation into this isolated wilderness place so we could be free from the many distractions of ordinary life; so we could be in an environment that was quiet externally, and have the opportunity to become quiet enough internally to receive His inner instructions to us and His special help. He was going to teach us how to clearly recognize the difference between the impulses and thoughts of the human and the impulses and thoughts of the divine in our own souls, and always yield to the divine. God had brought us out into our quiet wilderness place to prepare us to be able to live with Him in heaven because "someday" had finally come, and no one who is yielding to their selfish, sinful human nature would even be happy in heaven where every Being is selfless and pure and completely transparent in everything they do. I realize that those who love yielding to their human lusts and self interests, or are in love with their own "goodness," can't begin to comprehend the depth of this inner soul work I am speaking of. All babies come out of the womb naturally yielding to their selfish, self-centered human nature, and heaven would actually be hell to anyone who is selfish, self-centered, self-interested self-willed and self-righteous.

It is true that our land has become a very special, wonderful, loving environment, free of the rest of the world's evils, but it has become that way because people were willing to give up their selfish human nature and live only by the divine nature within. It has become that way because every person has become willing to die to their personal self interests, and be a living sacrifice for the blessing of the others. But the process of laying down one's own selfish life is a very painful process, because you're denying your very self in order to follow the desires and promptings of the Christ Child within you. This is an intense process that requires time, patience, a vulnerability and intimacy with the Spirit of God, and inner pain, even for an adult. Add to that the conflicting feelings and awakening impulses that the teen years naturally bring, and it makes it much more difficult for them. So these were some of the things that the girls were feeling, and it was in God's mercy that He made a way for some of the young people who had special inner needs, to be able to have extra help in dealing with their inner conflicts and stresses.

L.S. already shared that her special need was that she had been molested previously. A.S. also had special needs. She had inherited some of the learning disabilities that her father and grandfather have had to deal with, in addition to having had some high fevers as a baby. These things had put her at a disadvantage in coping with even the normal things a teenager has to deal with, never mind the deep internal things that God had brought us here to learn and master. Because of space constraints, I will share in a separate comment what Willow's special needs were.

While all of the other girls had strong desires on their hearts for deep inner healing, A.S.'s expressed concerns were surface, or superficial. What was on her heart was that she was fat and pimply. A.S. left the land several months after her event with Michael, and she shared with me by email that after she left, God had told her that the reason she couldn't receive Michael's healing was because she had been dishonest with him. It hadn't brought healing to A.S. to become physically naked with Michael, because she had done it without the accompanying internal process of being really and truly nakedly honest, with herself or with Michael; nakedness wasn't what she was doing internally. Over a year after she left, she made the statement that she had been copying the other girls who were asking to be naked before Michael. At the time though, she told Michael that God was telling her to ask this of him. Michael is a man of his word, and he always takes people at their word, unless they prove that they aren't true to their word. But ALL who came to Michael in honesty, at the clear instruction from God, received life-changing healing.

Last edited [4/20/09 6:40 AM]
Oops! regarding "truth and justice" and "sordid story"  [ Mon Apr 20 2009 6:33 AM ]

I'm sorry, "truth and justice," it was in "jansenmom's" comment that I read the words "sordid story": "Ever heard of politics? Probably played a role in this whole sordid story." It was on my mind to address the "sordid story" comment, and to address what you brought up about the "sweet innocent girls," and I somehow got it in my mind that they were from the same post.

sordid story???  [ Sun Apr 19 2009 2:33 PM ]

"truth and justice," the only thing sordid about this story is people's imaginations about it. These healing events were carried out by the specific instructions of God — to the girls, and to Michael, so those who were not there, yet make the judgment that it was sordid, are not revealing what actually happened, but only revealing that their own imagination and context about what happened is sordid, not the healing events themselves. Those who do not know Wayne Bent's mind and heart intimately, and yet come here and pass judgment on him and what he did, are unwittingly exposing their own context, not Wayne Bent's, because there wasn't any impurity or perversion in what God instructed him to do, or the way he sensitively and faithfully carried out his instructions from God. People come here and announce before the whole world their own impurity of imagination and context, by how they judge Wayne Bent and what he did.

People's names interrelate with their lives  [ Sat Apr 18 2009 7:28 AM ]

hotrod, truly, the life of Wayne Bent has interrelated with his name and has been a perfect fulfillment of the following verses. This is God speaking:

"I led them with cords* of human kindness, with ropes of love. I removed the yokes from their necks. I bent down and fed them." Hosea 11:4, GOD'S WORD Translation *friendly bonds

"...Taking them up in My arms...I drew them with cords of a man [My Son in a human body], with bands of love, and I was to them as one who lifts up and eases the yoke over their cheeks, and I bent down to them and gently laid food before them." Hosea 11:4 AMP

"The Lord appeared to [us] from afar, saying, "I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness." Jeremiah 31:3, NASB

Wesley's Notes on Hosea 11:4: "With such kindness as best fits and most prevails with a man. I was to them - As a careful husband - man in due season takes the yoke from his labouring oxen, and takes off the muzzle with which they were kept from eating, when at work. I laid brought them provision in their wants."

"When they were weak and helpless as children, foolish and froward as children, then God loved them; he bore them as the nurse does the sucking child, nourished them, and suffered their manners. He took care of them, took pains with them, not only as a father, or a tutor, but as a mother, or nurse. When they were in the wilderness, God showed them the way in which they should go, and bore them up, taking them by the arms. He taught them the way of his commandments. He took them by the arms, to guide them, that they might not stray, and to hold them up, that they might not stumble and fall. It is God's work to draw poor souls to himself; and none can come to him except he draw them. With bands of love he eased them of the burdens they had long groaned under." Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

This is what the Son of God in Wayne Bent did for us.

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