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THANK YOU!  [ Wed Sep 23 2009 5:30 PM ]

Thanks again to all who voted for me in best hip-hop/rap MC category '09. THE KERKS BABY! THE KERKS!


Todd and The Fox  [ Fri Nov 16 2012 12:32 PM ]

Congratulations good sir- another wonderful accomplishment!

how wonderful music is...  [ Fri Nov 25 2011 3:06 PM ]

When T.O. Dubs puts the Pod on shuffle!

Ahhhh...  [ Mon Sep 26 2011 11:17 AM ]


Big Props...  [ Thu Sep 15 2011 2:16 PM ]

...for this thing called hip-hop! Skull Control crew been droppin' some of the hottest shit on planet Burque this past 12mos. Dahhm Life solo then this?!

Congrats ya'll.

oh yeah, and to the editor: Tucsan? The "a" ain't even on the same side of the keyboard. Step yo game up!

...the basement of the Cell  [ Mon Feb 22 2010 9:02 PM ]

smells mad Chronicish!

TuMan Keeps It Movin'  [ Fri Feb 5 2010 2:25 PM ]

Come out tonight ABQ. This is a not-to-be-missed event. Take Darb's Word for it...and you know it's Bond!

'TuMan Presents Darbstar'  [ Thu Jan 1 2009 10:36 PM ]

Most slept on album of 2008!

LAKE SHOW FOR LIFE  [ Mon Nov 24 2008 3:54 PM ]

One loss in 12 games!?

Let's hope that translates to 10 or less losses all year, homecourt in the playoffs and a parade back on Figueroa where it belongs!


Hate if you want...L.A. has the best in the world

Albuquerque, The Q, Buruqe, The Kerks!  [ Thu Aug 21 2008 10:11 AM ]


First of all, thanks for putting into print the many amazing cultural aspects of our city.

Albuquerque mos def has its own identity.

I agree with the water issues and the driving. The rest it too negative for me. Sorry guys.

I will howl as much as I damn please. Using the word 'Hate' at the beginning didnt make for the funnest artical either. Too much negativity. NEGATIVITY should go really--- but I forgive you on that one(the water issue is paramount). Overall, I just think that if these things were to "GO LIKE DISCO"- so would ya'll. Our identity would be lost. Just let the 1 town in the state that actually keeps it real do its thing yo! Santa Fe is way too hard to get around anyway.


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