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Whoa Glitter Dick!  [ Fri Nov 30 2012 3:19 PM ]

WTG!!! can't believe the university is all up in arms about yer poster. TV advertising for your release party right there.

i think the comment that people should be worried about CHILDREN seeing the poster is funny. we show kids violence all the time. sex is worse?

I dunno  [ Thu Nov 8 2012 7:32 AM ]

one kid saying a dumb thing doesn't mean everyone's like that. It doesn't mean anything about the minimum wage increase or polarized politics.

Fish sticks  [ Tue Nov 6 2012 2:01 PM ]

They always smell that way if you're in a school cafeteria. You just can't clorox enough.

As a woman who's dealt with birth control for more than a decade  [ Fri Dec 9 2011 12:12 PM ]

the daily, preventive pill can have extensive side effects. I've known lots of women who have no trouble at all with it. I've known others who get their periods for a month or experience drastic personality/energy level shifts.

It just depends on the pill. The trick is figuring out how your body interacts with different hormone levels and which birth control method is right for you.

p.s. A condom does none of those things. But dudes are often finicky about them and so want their GF to alter her body chemistry instead.

The morning after pill, by contrast, can draw up some short-term side effects. But they're usually temporary. In my experience, the daily pill is a bear when used as intended, and the MAP is pretty mild when used as intended.

So maybe both OTC with an age limit? 18+?

I like fake meat just fine.  [ Fri Oct 28 2011 1:55 PM ]

I can't eat beans with every meal, and I need protein. It's quick, inexpensive and easy to cook. There's some really great ones out there, too. I love soyrizo. I like fake chicken nuggets if I'm in a hurry. And fake burgers are great, too. Sometimes, you just want a bun with some catsup on it and some protein in the middle.

I know lots of people who don't like fake meat. That's fine, too.

Did you look through the pictures?  [ Fri Oct 7 2011 5:38 PM ]

I saw people from many backgrounds.

No way!  [ Mon Oct 3 2011 1:49 PM ]

I go there all the time and the food is always great. I wish it weren't so expensive so I could go more often. But it's still one of the best restaurants in town.

At least Rocky Long  [ Wed Sep 21 2011 5:35 PM ]

could admit it

No way!  [ Mon Aug 22 2011 9:26 PM ]

It seems that the media loves Mr. Chacon because he is Mexican.

National media was all over this. Then, days later, he told them he was illegal.

International Sex Workers Union  [ Fri Jun 24 2011 10:49 AM ]

Sex workers have unionized for their own rights and protection.

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