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do not add salt to beans before they are cooked!!!  [ Mon Jul 29 2013 3:28 PM ]

It is widely known that salt added to cooking water will cause the beans to remain hard no matter how long you cook them, ruining an otherwise good time.

It is also widely known that everyone disagrees about this whole salt timing thing.

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I know why.  [ Sat Apr 27 2013 2:30 PM ]

Rumor has it the staff is only allowed to suck on lollipops these days.

You know what I mean, woodshed?

Try this past Sunday's Journal  [ Mon Jan 30 2012 11:37 AM ]

For a truly crap article about records and record stores.

The "Acro-Cats" could also be called the "Catro-Bats."  [ Thu Jan 12 2012 5:07 PM ]

Sounds more thrilling I think.

Let's face it  [ Thu Dec 15 2011 7:25 PM ]

We all have our own ass&armpit footprint and that is what makes us individuals.

I don't know  [ Mon Dec 12 2011 10:11 AM ]

any girls who like guys who wear cologne....

Cologne?  [ Sun Dec 11 2011 5:19 PM ]

Really? Yuck.

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Know Your Rights  [ Sun Oct 30 2011 3:55 PM ]

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I prefer the lobby at  [ Tue Oct 25 2011 8:32 PM ]

the sleep clinic on Jefferson. You hear some crazy dream stories and if there's anyway to get to know someone? Thru their dreams, baby.

Bathroom Graffiti Responses  [ Mon Sep 26 2011 2:28 PM ]

and the office complaints had me on the floor, in tears.

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