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Noorman11, the 2011 poll is open  [ Thu Sep 15 2011 1:26 PM ]

You can vote right here: [link]

The detritus is mine!  [ Wed May 11 2011 11:17 PM ]

I can't believe you threw out that 5-year anniversary Ace Barbershop poster. Thank god I snagged it from the recycling bin ...

Update!  [ Wed Mar 9 2011 11:21 AM ]

The two Marbles got together and hashed it out over beers last night.


Thanks to Alibi's facebook friends for the link ... and astute comments like, "This is a perfect case of Homer's aphorism: 'To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.'"

Corrected online  [ Thu Jan 20 2011 4:16 PM ]

And I, in turn, place the blame on Google Maps.

Smooove  [ Thu Jan 13 2011 3:32 PM ]

But it's a lot more complex than regular cider. I'm getting a lot of "copper penny" flavor -- is that from the yeast, maybe?

But Sprocket  [ Wed Jan 12 2011 3:25 PM ]

The site is totally 'Merican.

The Units Converter pages uses "liter," "-meter," etc, instead of the British "litre," "-metre." Even more telling, the volumes are all U.S., with no option for Imperial (it's all 16-ounce pints, all the time).

The Kitchen Converter measures ingredients by volume (cups, etc, the American preference), with no option for weight (grams, etc, the British preference)., j'accuse!

We have a winner!  [ Tue Oct 26 2010 12:49 PM ]

Fruittree, you get the tickets! Swing by the Alibi offices today or tomorrow between 9 and 5 pm to claim your prize. Congrats.

Larry  [ Tue Oct 12 2010 11:52 AM ]

I would love to see the places you chose for this. Post your ballot by logging in and clicking the "Share My Votes" button at the top left of the page!

You can find them on Facebook  [ Wed Aug 18 2010 11:13 AM ]


Bread pudding ... drool.

Once more, with feeling  [ Mon Aug 2 2010 10:05 AM ]

ABQ Beer Geek's site doesn't work with the old fashioned "www." prefix. Now you may visit.

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