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Love fish but this is disappointing  [ Wed Feb 27 2013 3:56 PM ]

VERY expensive for horrid dishes.

The worst Viet Food & you will get ill  [ Thu Feb 14 2013 6:50 PM ]

I was astonished that ABQ Magazine voted this best Vietman. This is the worse restaurant I have ever eaten in. The food was bland and sickening. It was garbage. I was sick for two days after eating the chicken. It is beyond awful. Obviously who ever voted it best has no taste buds. The spring roll was tiny & the same price of the real Viet restaurants but remove all the condiments that the others include. Bad Bad & AWFUL! My dish went to the rodents.

Thimbles of wine & disappointing sides at $80PP  [ Wed Aug 12 2009 12:26 PM ]

We were extremely insulted by the poor wine tasting with microscopic tidbits: 1 snail & 1 oyster with 2 splashes of wine wine & a tiny piece of meat with a button of potatoe & a fraction of a bison rib with 4 splashes of red wine. No dessert & we never saw the bottles of wine. The list was absolutely ordinary, nothing unusual. What do they think that they can rip off regular customers? This was obviously a plan to make a bundle of money without much to offer except the Zinc "former" reputation.

Great German dishes  [ Sun Jun 28 2009 12:27 PM ]

Food is authentic German but were is the beer?

Best sandwiches in ABQ  [ Sun Jun 28 2009 12:25 PM ]

A bit pricey & we all wish they would add a sandwich of the week. Tired of the same old ones.

Not Grandma's Italian cooking  [ Sun Jun 28 2009 12:23 PM ]

The calamari was so sweet we could not eat it. The scallops were not in a spicy sauce & the fish broth was ugh. The chicken ravioli claimed an Amatriciana sauce but you could not taste any "Guanciale" (similar to pancetta) & I doubt they used pecorino cheese.

Disappionting  [ Sat Jun 27 2009 1:42 PM ]

The food is pretty tasteless. Had a long wait. Salad came without dressing. Never got any bread. For their Wine tasting, they should have used thimbles since the pour was poor.

Outstanding dishes  [ Sat Jun 27 2009 1:38 PM ]

Especially the garlic tuna

Choke on fish  [ Tue Feb 10 2009 1:09 PM ]

The Filet of Sole was awful & so dry one could choke on it. Nothing was mouthwatering but shockingly poor. None of the wines we ordered were in stock & no adjustment was made for this. I am stunned that this restaurant survives. It was also empty. No stars from us.

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